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Anonymous source leaks 94 WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic ratings, neither Innes or Missanelli on top

Brian Haddad, new ratings powerhouse in Philadelphia sports talk radio?

Brian Haddad, new ratings powerhouse in Philadelphia sports talk radio?

The Coggin Toboggan received a game changing email this morning, as an anonymous source has leaked last month’s ratings book for the two major sports talk radio stations in Philadelphia and a surprise show is now on top.

The two previous leaders of each station, Josh Innes and Mike Missanelli, were second and third respectively in the 25-54 male demographic, each garnering a 6.3 share.

However, an anonymous source – using the simple pseudonym “B.H.” – emailed us a printed copy of what looked to be the official ratings book this morning. The results show that one host for 94 WIP shot up so far in the ratings that he is now dominating the Philadelphia sports talks scene.

The leaked ratings book shows Brian Haddad, 94 WIP host of Leading Off, the pregame show for the Philadelphia Phillies, cashed in a monstrous 12.9 share in the 25-54 male demographic for this past month.


Punch throwing, fight picking radio host still offended at Chase Utley’s profanity use in 2008

My momma's sauce.

My momma’s sauce.

Philadelphia, PA – A walking, talking Italian stereotype, who moonlights as the host of the popular 97.5 FM mid-day sports talk show, surprised no one yesterday afternoon when he went against public opinion and criticized the recently traded Chase Utley for his use of the F-word during the 2008 World Series Championship celebration.

On a day when the vast majority of Phillies fans were choosing to celebrate their memories of Utley and his stellar on field play, the man who once quarreled with a fan through email and described him as a “latent homosexual” argued with fans that Utley’s F-Bomb drop was absolutely inexcusable.

“I don’t think that a professional athlete, who is a professional, needs to do that when he knows he is speaking to a mixed audience and there are a lot of kids there, it’s just not appropriate,” the stereotype said. “Ehhhh but I guess the Dodgers made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, capiche? If I were there I would have sent him a Sicilian message, made him sleep with the fishes.”


Tale of the Tape: Mike Missanelli vs. Josh Innes

boxing-glovesReports and pictures out of Eagles practice today (and this is not bullshit) are confirming a confrontation between 94 WIP mid-day host Josh Innes and 97.5 The Fan mid-day host Mike Missanelli on the sidelines of the joint Eagles/Ravens scrimmage this afternoon.

Nothing has been confirmed, but Crossing Broad has posted pictures from a tipster and Jimmy Kempski, Eagles writer for PhillyVoice, showing some sort of confrontation between the two supposedly adult males who cover sports for a living.

(They cover sports and want to fight each other…lets all let that sink in for a few minutes)

It’s unknown if things reached a physical level, but we decided to look at the tale of the tape for both hosts – who we again remind you are fully mature and grown men – if they were ever locked together in combat.

Let us know who you got if these two ABSOLUTE TITANS ever decided to throw down.


The Josh Innes, Spike Eskin, and Hollis Thomas show! (An assessment)

Josh Innes doing his best Spike Eskin impersonation.

Josh Innes doing his best Spike Eskin impersonation.

Have you ever wanted to listen to a sports talk radio show with three hosts, where one speaks for about 90% of the on-air time, the second gamely tries to play along with whatever antics are planned for day, and the third over laughs at EVERY SINGLE JOKE said during the four-hour program?

Well ladies and gentlemen, the newly (re-re-RE) formatted 94 WIP mid-day show is for you!


Josh Innes takes week off to train in secluded cabin in the Poconos

hqdefaultPhiladelphia, PA – Citing a need to become stronger and getting back to his roots, Josh Innes revealed today he spent his previous week off the radio secluded in a desolate cabin deep in the Pocono mountains.

Innes needed to get away after his longtime friend and co-host Tony Bruno was killed in the ring (retired) last week after decades on air.


Josh Innes thrilled he no longer has to wear pants to work

Josh Innes reminding himself he no longer has to wear pants into the office. (Photo credit:

Josh Innes reminding himself he no longer has to wear pants into the office. (Photo credit:

Philadelphia, PA – Following the decision yesterday of co-host Tony Bruno stepping down from the 94 WIP afternoon drive show he had worked on for several months, remaining host Josh Innes expressed his regret that the venerable and experienced Bruno had decided to retire from the sports talk radio format.

However, Innes did see one positive in the situation, as he ceremoniously unbuttoned his strained jeans and threw them into the garbage the second he was in the WIP studio.


Josh Innes brilliantly breaks down Jimmy Rollins’ statements, farts long, hard into microphone

20150201-Tony-Bruno-John-InnessPhiladelphia, PA – 94 WIP sports talk host Josh Innes took to the airwaves yesterday to discuss the recent statements of Jimmy Rollins, former Philadelphia Phillies. Innes calmly and eloquently broke down Rollins’ statements about Philadelphia not appreciating the dynamic he had with the fans, presenting a rationale argument for each of his talking points.

“He was never a superstar. He was a great player, but never a superstar, and it just shows you where his head is at if he’s describing himself as such,” Innes said. “It’s absurd for him to make these statements about his prowess as a player, but he does raise some valid points about the people of Philadelphia possibly holding him to a higher standard than other players on those great teams, like Chase Utley or Ryan Howard.”

Innes then lowered his microphone to his buttocks and flatulated into the live mic for 15 seconds.

“It seems as if he’s directly comparing himself to Chase Utley. He may be jealous of the attention and free pass Utley has gotten from fans for all these years. Can you really blame him?” Innes said, before bending over and sticking the microphone between his legs to let out several small, machine gun blasts of flatulence.

Bruno nodded along in agreement with Innes, and punctuated the end of the segment with a few quick sprays of Febreeze throughout the studio.

“Well, tomorrow on the show we’ll have former United States Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on with us. She’ll be discussing the state of pro football with us, she’s a huge fan, Tony, and she’ll be sharing her thoughts with us on the turmoil in the Middle East,” he said. “Plus, we’ll have 5 strippers in here from Club Risque and we’ll be playing a round of our patented game, Bologna tits. 10 slices, 10 breasts, 10 throws. Should be a great show.”

94 WIP’s Josh Innes has been frantically writing Nate Allen jokes since 4 a.m.

20150201-Tony-Bruno-John-InnessPhiladelphia, PA – Following the news that current free agent and former Eagles starting safety Nate Allen was held by police last night after being accused of masturbating in his vehicle at an intersection, 94 WIP radio personality Josh Innes had locked himself in a station office for the past 8 hours, frantically scribbling down as many Nate Allen masturbation jokes as he possibly can.

His co-host, Tony Bruno, told reporters Innes had only taken one restroom break in the past 8 hours.

“I don’t want to disturb him. Look at him, it’s like watching Mozart working on his Requiem,” Bruno said. “There’s no way a 5-hour show with commercials will be enough time for him to use everything he has prepared.”

The unwashed and frazzled Innes could be seen in the office swaying his arms too and fro, his eyes closed, a bic pen elegantly gliding across a legal pad as the self-pleasuring jokes poured forth from his soul. Several full pads were strewn throughout the office, ready for airtime.

“Nate even rhymes with masturbate. I can only imagine how much mileage he’s gotten out of that already,” Bruno said. “I could only come up with one and it’s not even that great. Basically just a play on the word ‘indecent exposure’ and Nate being an expert on being ‘exposed’ each Sunday afternoon. It’s wordy, I know, which is why I’m leaving this up to a professional.”

Innes took a break for several minutes, his chest heaving, obviously in pain as he laid his burdened head upon a silk throw pillow. The moment of rest was broken when his head shot up from the pillow, yelling “Eureeka!” as he took up his quill once more in preparation for the 1 p.m. show.

94 WIP promotes Rob Ellis to coveted 5 a.m. timeslot


“Rowdy” Rob Ellis, really cutting it loose in his 94 WIP station photograph.

Philadelphia, PA – Citing the need for an experienced radio veteran to kick off its morning coverage, 94 WIP program director Spike Eskin announced Tuesday that Rob Ellis would be promoted from his bi-monthly 3 a.m. radio show to a twice weekly 5 a.m. position.

Ellis will be on the air each Monday and Friday from 5 to 5:30 a.m. With breaks, Ellis will be on air for a grand total of 9 minutes.

Upon hearing of his “promotion,” Ellis was said to have sighed deeply and then looked lovingly at a replica rifle mounted on the station’s wall.

“We really feel this is a great spot for Rob. He’s shown he can handle some adversity this year, and we think this will be a great lead in for Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Show,” Eskin said. “You can get into some salient sports talk in 9 minutes, believe me.”

Eskin said it will be Ellis’s duty to gain ground in the “Insomniac and cocaine addict” demographic so dominated by 97.5 the Fanatic.

It’s been a trying few months for Ellis, as he lost his mid afternoon drive position with Anthony Gargano to Josh Innes and Tony Bruno. He was demoted to the 6 to 10 p.m. position, and then to a 3 a.m. slot twice a month.

His station parking spot was also given to the sandwich truck Josh Innes frequents on a daily basis.

“Rob’s a professional. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of a product he can put out there twice a week for us. He knows what he’s doing,” Eskin said.

After agreeing to the deal, Ellis was told he will also be responsible for three live reads a show, which will reduce his on-air sports talk time to three minutes a show.

94 WIP rehires Tony Bruno and Josh Innes, plus 8 new co-hosts


Bruno (left) and Innes are back and will be joined by 8 new co-hosts.

Philadelphia, PA – One day after firing both Josh Innes and Tony Bruno from the afternoon drive time slot, 94 WIP program director Spike Eskin announced the duo has been rehired and will once again man the airwaves from 1 to 6 p.m.

Current host Anthony Gargano, who appeared on the air for one day, was fired. Rob Ellis, his co-host, has been moved to a bi-monthy 3 a.m. show, Eskin said.

“We feel Josh and Tony are the perfect fit for the 1 to 6 p.m. slot  and will definitely challenge Mike MIssanelli for the number one spot in the ratings,” Eskin said during a press conference. “Plus, we think their new co-hosts will really add a lot to their unique brand of sports talk radio.”

Joining Bruno and Innes on a daily basis will be current 94 WIP host Glen Macnow, former host Steve Martorano, former Eagles great Chuck Bednarik, former mayoral candidate Milton Street, former NHL enforcer Dan Kordic, the ghost of Jimmie Foxx, Howard Eskin’s beard and the Philadelphia Phanatic.

“We really think the the Bruno, Innes, Macnow, Martorano, Bednark, Street, Kordic, Foxx, Eskin Beard and Philadelphia Phanatic Show is really going to give the station a firm direction moving forward,” Eskin said. “We’re especially excited about hiring Eskin’s beard, he was a great get.”

Perhaps in a reactionary move, 97.5 the Fanatic agreed to hire former 76ers mascot Hip Hop as a co-host for Missanelli.


94 WIP announced it has fired Howard Eskin from his part time show, but is allowing his beard to remain in the afternoon drive. Eskin was last seen at Ponzio’s Diner sobbing openly in the Garden Room.