Tale of the Tape: Mike Missanelli vs. Josh Innes

boxing-glovesReports and pictures out of Eagles practice today (and this is not bullshit) are confirming a confrontation between 94 WIP mid-day host Josh Innes and 97.5 The Fan mid-day host Mike Missanelli on the sidelines of the joint Eagles/Ravens scrimmage this afternoon.

Nothing has been confirmed, but Crossing Broad has posted pictures from a tipster and Jimmy Kempski, Eagles writer for PhillyVoice, showing some sort of confrontation between the two supposedly adult males who cover sports for a living.

(They cover sports and want to fight each other…lets all let that sink in for a few minutes)

It’s unknown if things reached a physical level, but we decided to look at the tale of the tape for both hosts – who we again remind you are fully mature and grown men – if they were ever locked together in combat.

Let us know who you got if these two ABSOLUTE TITANS ever decided to throw down.

Josh Innes

Josh Innes doing his best Spike Eskin impersonation. Age: Looks to be about in his 40s, but in reality might not be 30 yet. (time to reevaluate some life decisions, Josh)

Hails from: Parts Unknown.

Finishing Maneuver: The TastyKake Studios Super Kick.

Weight: Between 190 and 400 pounds

Distinctive fighting traits: Breaks own glasses before each dust-up to get it out of the way.

Signature Victories: Defeated Rob Ellis in 2014 Brawl for it All finals in the 94 WIP men’s room.

Mike Missanelli

mikey mAge: God, I don’t know…maybe in his 60s? Talks like he’s in his early 20s and still living in 1982.

Hails from: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Finishing Maneuver: A Banzai Drop off of Anthony Gargano’s fat head.

Cats Owned: Recent estimates have it somewhere in the 30s.

Distinctive fighting traits: Blocking people on Twitter.

Signature Victories: Defeated Howard Eskin in a bra and panties match back at the 1995 Summer Slam.

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