Josh Innes

Is Josh Innes vying to replace Anthony Gargano, Maureen Crowley Williams at 97.5?


Is this the face of the next 97.5 Fanatic Morning Show host?

The rumor mill is a-churning this morning, as an ex-94 WIP sports talk radio host may have thrown his obese sombrero into the ring to replace the disgruntled lover of incredible meats Anthony Gargano, who has not been on the 97.5 Fanatic Morning Show for three straight days now.

Gargano was reportedly upset that producer Maureen “Mr.” Crowley Williams had been fired from the station earlier in the week. Gargano, who has long been rumored to “like like” MCW, has been notably absent from the airwaves since Tuesday.

But a familiar face to the Philadelphia sports talk scene made a splash on social media Wednesday morning. Josh Innes, who previously hosted the midday show at 94 WIP and currently hosts the Josh Innes Show on Sports Talk 790 in Houston, responded to a fan on Twitter Wednesday afternoon and said he would be willing to make a return to the Philadelphia airwaves.

Follow the jump to see the tweet Innes sent out Wednesday:


BREAKING: Josh Innes returning to Houston buffet


He’s coming home.

Houston, Texas – Recently fired 94 WIP sports talk host Josh Innes announced today on Twitter that he would be making a stunning return to Houston’s Golden Corral next week.

The talented, but mercurial, Innes officially made his return to the vaunted buffet official on Monday afternoon, stating he would be filling a 3 to 7 p.m. slot Monday through Friday.

Innes is expected to touch on such controversial subjects as the carving stations availability at dinner only and the price differential that faces lunchtime and dinnertime patrons each day.


Howard Eskin: Well well well, look who came crawling back


Special guest columnist Howard Eskin.

By Howard “The King” Eskin – Well well well. Look who it is. If it isn’t my old friends over at 94 WIP. Whatever could you be doing here, at the Eskin compound, on this fine Thursday morning?

What’s that you say? You have a proposition that you’d like to run by me? Well hold on just a second, because as I recall almost five years ago you pushed me out of my afternoon drive show to make room for some nobody.

I had to watch as that fat stunad Anthony Gargano first unraveled the hard work I put into that 3 to 7 p.m. time slot, watching him slobber all over that microphone. It was enough to turn my stomach.


BREAKING: Hostage negotiator brought in, ends standoff with Josh Innes


Fired. So fired.

Philadelphia, PA – After a nearly two-hour standoff with recently fired Josh Innes, who had barricaded himself in the 94 WIP prize closet, a Philadelphia Police Department hostage negotiator brought an end to the terror at Tastykake Studios.

Innes was quietly allowed to walk out of the building with three Brian Haddad Show t-shirt, a case of butterscotch krimpets, and a pack of half-eaten Dorritos he found in the prize closet.

“He originally demanded a gassed up helicopter take him to Philadelphia International Airport, where a private jet be waiting to take him to Acapulco, but when that was rejected he settled for a $15 gift certificate to Jim’s Steaks,” a station employee reported.

At press time, Innes was sitting outside in the parking lot in his Nissan Altima, staring at his cell phone and contemplating if he should call 97.5 The Fanatic.

BREAKING: Josh Innes stealing as much as he can carry from 94 WIP prize closet


Josh Innes during a happier time in his life.

Philadelphia, PA – Sources confirmed this afternoon that after 94 WIP afternoon drive host Josh Innes was told he would be fired from the station, Innes immediately bolted to the station’s prize closet and locked himself inside.

Innes is currently still in the closet as of 1:59 p.m, sources have confirmed, ransacking and pillaging the prizes given out to listeners of the station.

Despite pleas from station manager Spike Eskin that he wouldn’t be let out of the building, the portly Innes had reportedly stuffed seven XXL sized Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Crew shirts down his pants, four leftover Lesean McCoy jerseys from 2014, and several Phanatic bobble heads.


Josh Innes gives Hollis Thomas a gift for ‘no particular reason’


Maybe just stick to comedies while waiting for flights, ehh Josh?

Philadelphia, PA – Josh Innes arrived at the TastyKakes Studios Wednesday morning with an apology card and a gift certificate to FUBU for his co-host Hollis Thomas for “no real particular reason.”

“Can’t a guy just buy something nice for one of his best friends in the world? There’s no underlying motive here other than equality…equality and understanding,” Innes said.


Philly sports talk prep sheets for Monday’s Eagles discussion

The Coggin Toboggan has received information from its sources at both sports talk station about tomorrow’s popular sports talk shows. We have received some very rough prep sheets about what each show will be discussing tomorrow.

Obviously these could change, so if not all of the items are touched on during the shows you’ll know why.

060512-Angelo-Cataldi-40094 WIP

Morning Show

  • 6 to 8 a.m. Chip Kelly needs to be fired. Horrible coach, one of the worst of all time.
  • Interview with Kelly at 8:10 a.m.
  • Chip Kelly is a great guy, one of the best and shouldn’t be fired.
  • 9 a.m. cavalcade of young interns for Angelo Cataldi to creepily stare at.
  • ¬†9:59 to 10 a.m. Roundup of Flyers and 76ers news.


Public opinion overwhelmingly in favor of Greg Hardy now after he changed his Twitter bio

greg hardy

Poor guy.

Dallas, Texas – Greg Hardy, Dallas Cowboys defensive end who has been the focal point of public scrutiny this season after his role in an abusive relationship with his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder, poured out his heart and soul into a new Twitter bio this morning, showing the world that he himself was the victim in the whole scenario.

Hardy’s Twitter bio now reads this:

“Innocent until proven guilty-lack of knowledge & information is just ignorance-the unjust/prejudicial treatment of diff categories of people is discrimination.”

Millions of tweets, phone calls, and emails have since been sent to Hardy, expressing notes of condolences and regret at the way he has been treated in this whole scenario.


Anonymous source cites new overall ratings leader for Philadelphia sports talk radio

cbsbigdaddybigJust one month after an anonymous source sent The Coggin Toboggan the ratings books for the end of August, ANOTHER anonymous, but different, source sent us the books for the first half of September and the leader may surprise you.

The two big players at each station, Josh Innes at 94 WIP and Mike Missanelli at 97.5 the Fanatic, AGAIN did not play into the top four ratings leaders for this month. Last month’s leader, Brian Haddad at 94 WIP, was far behind the ratings behemoth who dominated the first two weeks of September.

Big Daddy Graham, WIP host from 2 to 5 a.m., toppled ratings leader Haddad with a 23.6 share of the coveted 25-54 male demographic that is so highly sought after for advertising.


The best Philadelphia sports talk show that doesn’t exist

fanaticlogo_2I’ve paid more attention to the Philadelphia sports talk¬†landscape this year than I would care to admit, but the shows are an absolute goldmine for material that literally DOZENS of you read every single day. There are several brands of shows on 97.5 the Fanatic and 94 WIP and most of them follow the same format they’ve followed for years.

But then there are the outlier shows, like the 94 WIP mid day show, that seem to garner a lot of attention and vitriol for DARING to do something different. People can’t stand Josh Innes for trying anything new. They’d rather listen to the same nonsense day in and day out from comfortable hosts who follow the same formula each day.


And you know what? It works. These guys make a comfortable living doing the same thing every single day. So why can’t I get in on the action? This is a script of the GREATEST Philadelphia sports talk show currently not on the air. How can the two big stations in this city not contact me after reading this gold?

This is a microcosm of how the show will run each day. I guarantee it will bring in a 35 share every day (whatever that is).

I think the show would go a little something like this…..