Miami Heat ticket sales update: In the arms of an angel, we can stop this cruelty

Less than five hours until tip-off to the first Miami Heat home playoff game, and there are STILL thousands of tickets available for sale, according to the team’s official ticketmaster page.

Look, this was all fun and games yesterday. Oh those wacky Heat fans, they just don’t care! But now? Well, now it’s just sad. Depressing, really. According to the page there are still 400+ general admission tickets available for purchase (at a TOTALLY RAD price of $69 a ticket) and nobody is biting.

Just look at this map of the Heat arena and all sections that still have tickets available for tonight. The blue sections are areas that still have tickets. Check it out after the jump:



Unsurprisingly, there are still plenty of great seats available for tomorrow’s 76ers game in Miami

Looking for a last minute vacation for you and all of your jackass friends from Philadelphia? Well then, let me be the first to suggest taking a trip down to Miami for game three of the 76ers and Heat NBA playoff series.

No no, don’t worry about getting tickets, THOUSANDS are still available to be bought just a mere 32 hours before tip-off!

Well, they have to be expensive, right? And there’s no way they can be purchased through the team’s Ticketmaster website, they’re probably only available through second-party websites at INSANE markups. It is, after all, the first home playoff game for the Heat this year, right?

Oh you poor ignorant slut. For the low, low price of $59 you and your idiot friends can attend tomorrow night’s game against the 76ers with a general admission ticket!


The new face of NBC Sports Philadelphia

In what I thought was all just a fever dream I suffered through months ago, our collective nightmare is coming to NBC Sports Philadelphia on April 16 as the Mike Missanelli Show is debuting on the network at 2 p.m.

In case you haven’t cultivated a healthy dislike for Missanelli based purely on his voice and horrendous sports talk opinions on 97.5 the Fanatic, you now have the opportunity to hate him based on his physical appearance as well. It’s a real win-win for Philadelphia.

We are hearing a strong rumor that Dwayne from Swedesboro will be the first caller to the new show to wish Mike a long and successful broadcast run.

The show will run until 5 p.m. and will feature producer Tyrone Johnson and update anchor Natalie Egenolf, who I’m assuming was the real selling point for the visual medium movement of the show.


The new Phillies clubhouse victory celebration may be hiding a dark secret

The home opener went about as expected. Phillies beat a minor league Marlins squad 5-0 on a blustery opening day. Gabe got the ever loving shit booed out of him by the Phillies Phaithful, likely shedding manlytears behind the safety of his reflective aviator sunglasses as his muscular heart broke in twain. Nick Williams

But the most interesting nugget to come out of the home opener? Let Todd Zolecki fill you in on the new clubhouse routine after a win.

Fog machines? Lasers? Strobe lights? I’m sure that won’t get insanely irritating by May. If just one of those players in the clubhouse was epileptic it would be a DISASTER of shaky proportions.

The clubhouse is a 1970s Who concert, without the tragic trampling of hundreds of adoring fans.

But hold on a second here….there may be more to this than meets the eye. Is Gabe Kapler trying to tell us something?


Chris Long is really stirring it up on Twitter after the Villanova championship

Recent Super Bowl champion, and better human being than you or I, Chris Long is really stirring it up on twitter with his comments about Nova swing man Donte DiVincenzo in the wake of the Wildcats second NCAA championship in three seasons.

Sadly, unathletic white men everywhere are having a hard time coming to grips over Long’s comments about the outrageously talented and athletic DiVincenzo giving undo hope to white kids everywhere who will never sniff the ability to get rim, rather than make it to the NBA.

Like blood hounds to an escaped convict, twitter trolls flocked to an athlete mentioning skin color and had to take umbrage with his out of context comments.


By the time you read this Gabe Kapler will have gotten the bullpen up again

……………………..What the hell was that?

No, really. What the hell did we just see? Fifteen pitchers used in the first two games of the season (an MLB record, one of the bad ones), which forced the Phillies to address the ALREADY TAXED bullpen (on game 2) by contemplating a roster move to bring up an additional pitcher for Saturday’s game.

Kapler trotted out to the mound over the weekend like a man who realized he had forgotten about cardio training for the last 15 years of his life.

But somehow, SOMEHOW that wasn’t even the worst part of the weekend. The worst part was watching Gabe Kapler’s brain fog over from inhaling too much fermented sloth piss (it does wonders to balance your Chi) before the game and summon Hoby Milner in relief for third inning during Saturday’s bloodbath DESPITE the lefty having not thrown a warmup pitch.

What was he expecting Milner to do, kick the ball to home plate? This led to crew chief Jerry Lane openly chastising Kapler for his incredible amounts of incompetence in managing the Phillies in the third game of his career.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an umpire openly go into a manager on the record for putting his athletes in danger of being injured.


Opening day 20 years ago looked mighty depressing for the Phillies

Good lord….look at this absolute DRECK that the Phillies smeared across the faces of their fans on opening day in 1998.

Passenger manifestos for crashed airline flights are less depressing than Philadelphia’s 1998 opening day lineup.

I don’t remember one detail of this Mark Lewis guy. You could have told me he played second base for the Philadelphia team on the NES classic Bases Loaded and I would have believed it. Whoever it was, I don’t think he had a historic run for the Fightins.

What was the average attendance per game this season? 8,000? 7,000? Did they let fans pinch hit in the later innings?