76ers fans were dunking on Shawn Bradley before he even reached the NBA

Yesterday marked the horrifying 27 year anniversary of the 76ers deciding to draft a gawky 7-foot, 7-inch, unathletic version of Frankenstein’s monster over the sublimely talented Penny Hardaway in the 1993 NBA Draft, dooming the franchise to mediocrity until its resurrection by Allen Iverson.

Bradley made a living hanging out at the three-line and meekly patrolling the paint for some of the sorriest Sixers squads I’ve ever seen, while Hardaway and a young Shaquille O’Neal led the Orlando Magic to an NBA championship appearance and several successful postseason runs.

Bring up Bradley to any Sixers fan, even if they weren’t alive during the mid-90s, and they’ll instinctively wretch as memories of the least intimidating ever version of the Slender Man permeate their subconscious.

Half a season into his rookie year and Philadelphia fans knew the organization had drafted a complete dud.

This intrepid Coggin reader, @Cmalet50 on Twitter, and his buddy knew Bradley was a slob months before he even stepped foot on an NBA floor. He shared an incredible story with the Uncle Coggin, which you can see read after the jump.

Thanks again to dedicated reader @Cmalet50 for sharing this doozy, which I’d like to dub “The Laziest Marionette.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 8.39.44 PM

Bradley probably brushed off the berating as just “one bad apple” in the bunch of 76ers fans. Little did he know that would probably be the apex of his career in Philadelphia.

You stink, Bradley, and he was right to berate you. At least you were getting used to being dunked on, as it would become quite commonplace for the rest of your NBA career.

Uncle Coggin salutes you, salty St. Joe’s student, for your willingness to humiliate the #2 overall pick in the 1993 NBA Draft. Well done.

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