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An Exclusive Look At An In-Progress NFL Social Media Zoom Course

Using sophisticated hacking technology, the Coggin is able to give you an exclusive look at today’s in-progress NFL social media class for its athletes. Due to several social media faux pas, the NFL mandated the course be takenĀ  by several of its most recent

Let’s take a look at the ongoing meeting transcript, shall we?


2016 was a hell of a year for the Coggin Toboggan and that’s all that matters

cogginDoes 2016 have you down? Bummed out about what happened with Donald Trump or the bevy of celebrity/athlete/politics deaths this year? Well buck up, kiddo, because I’m here today to tell you that 2016 was a HELL of a year for The Coggin Toboggan.

Yes, your favorite Philadelphia sports blog had a very successful second year of existence and that’s really all that should matter to you. Sad that Carrie Fisher will no longer be using the force? Take solace in the fact that our views and visitors are both up 10% over last year’s stats! I know, right?! That’s awesome and totally makes up for everything horrible that happened in 2016.

More than 45,000 of you losers came to our site this past year. I’m sure about 90% of the visitors were bots or stoners who were sidetracked looking for pornography, but hell, 45,000 visitors!

We received 58,000 views this year as well. Sure, I clicked on the site 57,000 times, but that’s not what matters.


DeSean Jackson really tempts fate with comments on Chip Kelly’s “bad karma”

desean-jackson-redskinsWashington, DC – DeSean Jackson decided to throw caution to the wind Friday morning when he spoke about Chip Kelly and how his actions came back to him in a stunning display of karma at the end of the season.

Jackson essentially proved the old adage of a pot calling a kettle black by saying he “could care less” about Chip Kelly because he “ruined the Eagles.”

“I’m a firm believer that bad karma comes back on you,” said Jackson to TheMMQB’s Robert Klemko. “When you ruin a team like that, you do things to people’s families, you release people, you trade people, you get rid of good players who build something with the community, with the fans, with the kids — to have a guy come in and change up the team like that, I just believe in karma.”


‘I am not in a gang’ reiterates DeSean Jackson as he stocks up on ammunition, guns

desean-jackson-redskinsWashington, DC – After TMZ broke the news this morning that DeSean Jackson’s LA home was burglarized by several men with possible gang affiliation, the Washington Redskins wide receiver again made a statement that he is in no way affiliated with any gang.

“How many times do I have to say this, I am not in a gang,” Jackson said, clad all in blue clothes, as he busied himself in his Washington home gathering up various caches of ammunition he had hidden throughout his estate. “Just because I have friends who may be in a gang does not mean I’m involved in such nonsense.”