New Year

2016 was a hell of a year for the Coggin Toboggan and that’s all that matters

cogginDoes 2016 have you down? Bummed out about what happened with Donald Trump or the bevy of celebrity/athlete/politics deaths this year? Well buck up, kiddo, because I’m here today to tell you that 2016 was a HELL of a year for The Coggin Toboggan.

Yes, your favorite Philadelphia sports blog had a very successful second year of existence and that’s really all that should matter to you. Sad that Carrie Fisher will no longer be using the force? Take solace in the fact that our views and visitors are both up 10% over last year’s stats! I know, right?! That’s awesome and totally makes up for everything horrible that happened in 2016.

More than 45,000 of you losers came to our site this past year. I’m sure about 90% of the visitors were bots or stoners who were sidetracked looking for pornography, but hell, 45,000 visitors!

We received 58,000 views this year as well. Sure, I clicked on the site 57,000 times, but that’s not what matters.


Happy New Year from the Coggin Toboggan!

202b-2bthe2bmillennium-mkv_snapshot_13-11_255b2013-12-31_11-57-28255dHappy New Year from The Coggin Toboggan! I’m sure many of you are in my shoes now…hungover, pantsless, wondering where you can score some heroin…it’s a great way to start 2016!

So while you’re recovering and hoping that the blood on the hood of your car isĀ just a dog, take a few and revisit some of our funniest articles from 2016.