‘I am not in a gang’ reiterates DeSean Jackson as he stocks up on ammunition, guns

desean-jackson-redskinsWashington, DC – After TMZ broke the news this morning that DeSean Jackson’s LA home was burglarized by several men with possible gang affiliation, the Washington Redskins wide receiver again made a statement that he is in no way affiliated with any gang.

“How many times do I have to say this, I am not in a gang,” Jackson said, clad all in blue clothes, as he busied himself in his Washington home gathering up various caches of ammunition he had hidden throughout his estate. “Just because I have friends who may be in a gang does not mean I’m involved in such nonsense.”

This is the second public mention of Jackson having gang affiliations since the Eagles released him in 2013. When pressed for more details, DeSean shook his head as he tied a blue bandanna around his face.

“Nope, never have been, never will. I’m not stupid,” he said, as a heavily tattooed man with several teardrop tattoos handed him two chrome Uzis. “Can you guys just give this up? Enough already. It’s childish.”

Jackson and 12 other men wearing trench coats then piled into an unmarked van. When asked where he was going, Jackson said he was going “out west to take care of some pressing business.”

The Redskins play the Buccaneers this Sunday. Jackson has been listed as “doubtful to play this Sunday due to multiple bullet wounds.”

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