Rob Manfred Declares Not Hitting World Series Cheaters Worse Than Domestic Violence

Rob Manfred is like a horse trying to play the piano. He hits all the wrong notes.

With his recent 8-game suspension of Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly for not hitting any member of the World Series cheating Houston Astros and making goofy faces towards their dugout Manfred has essentially declared that worse than domestic violence.

Let’s examine this not so incredulous claim after the jump.

Kelly received an 8-game suspension for his “actions” against the Astros, which is the equivalent of 23-games in a 162 game regular season. Last year, Kelly teammate Jose Urias was suspended just 20 games by Manfred for his role in a domestic violence altercation and being arrested on suspicion of domestic battery in Los Angeles in May of 2020.

Urias was arrested after several eye witnesses observed him shoving his girlfriend to the ground in a parking lot.

So let’s think about this for just a moment….Kelly will serve more equivalent games in a suspension for making a goofy face at the Astros after NOT hitting them than his teammate who pushed his girlfriend to the ground. In all fairness Urias was never charged, but I’d still put a semi- domestic violence incident as being a hair worse than what Kelly did, correct?

Great job, Manfred, you’re really putting the league forward in a great light. Cheating in the World Series? Don’t worry about it. Pushing your girlfriend down in a parking lot in view of several people? Not great, but not too terrible. Making faces at World Series cheaters and missing them with several slow breaking balls? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND DON’T COME BACK.

Good. Glad we have that all sorted out.

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