Good Night 76ers by Coggin

In the great Grand Floridian

There was a Coach

Thinking in his room

Warding off thoughts

Off losses and doom

And there were two horrible contracts

And two worthless players

Who made no shots despite all our prayers

And a fanbase who loved to grouse

And no championship trophies to be had in our house

And a superstar center with a brain full of mush

And a coach way out of his league whispering “hush”

Goodnight 76ers

Goodnight playoffs

Goodnight Gargano eating his meals in a trough

Goodnight hope

Goodnight to our GM the dope

Goodnight Sixers

We need more mixers

For the spirits we need

Drank down our gullets with greed

And goodnight Brand

On a one way flight to Kazakhstan

And goodnight Shake

A wide open three you could not make

Goodnight Ben and your cries of glee

And goodnight to his subluxated knee

Goodnight window

Goodnight efforts to not be a lush

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight Embiid’s brain made of mush

And goodnight to the coach whispering “hush”

Goodnight hopes

Goodnight air

Goodnight championship dreams everywhere

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