Oh My God This Eagles Team

It’s going to be one of THOSE years I see. Cringing every single time Carson Wentz drops back just waiting for him to either airmail a pass 15-feet over a receiver head, spike a ball at their feet or throw yet another momentum killing interception.

Throwing your hands to the heavens and closing your eyes at yet ANOTHER head scratching call from Doug Pederson. Watching as yet another high Howie draft pick fails to make any kind of impact on the field whatsoever.

Watching as the self-proclaimed “quarterback factory” finds a way to fuck itself over with high round luxury picks instead of drafting for…you know…actual needs.

I was critical of fans for shitting themselves over the fact that they couldn’t tailgate, but I take it back. Tailgating with the devil himself would have been more enjoyable than watching anything the Eagles have done in the last two weeks.

What are we doing here? Why did this franchise go into cruise control after 2017 and start reaching on draft picks, letting cornerstone coaches leave and abandoning the fundamental keys that led them to such success?

And we’re kidding ourselves if we think Wentz is anything but a shadow of his former self. It’s as if the shredded ACL, the exploded vertebrae, the 900 concussions, the cystic acne, the trench foot, the hoof and mouth disease, and handful of other undiagnosed maladies have finally caught up with the ginger wonder.

Is that what we’re going to have to deal with all season? It’s going to be one of THOSE years, where we hate the team and everyone on it by week 5, pray for the sweet release of death by week 10 and then grasp on to some shining light by week 17 that has no chance of rolling over into 2021?

I’m not getting fooled again. I’ve seen this story too many times to think they can “turn it around.” They won’t. They can’t. And as long as Roseman is making the personnel decision and Wentz is shrinking into himself every week it’s pointless.

Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to mediocrity.

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