Anonymous source cites new overall ratings leader for Philadelphia sports talk radio

cbsbigdaddybigJust one month after an anonymous source sent The Coggin Toboggan the ratings books for the end of August, ANOTHER anonymous, but different, source sent us the books for the first half of September and the leader may surprise you.

The two big players at each station, Josh Innes at 94 WIP and Mike Missanelli at 97.5 the Fanatic, AGAIN did not play into the top four ratings leaders for this month. Last month’s leader, Brian Haddad at 94 WIP, was far behind the ratings behemoth who dominated the first two weeks of September.

Big Daddy Graham, WIP host from 2 to 5 a.m., toppled ratings leader Haddad with a 23.6 share of the coveted 25-54 male demographic that is so highly sought after for advertising.

“Big Daddy’s blend of wit, charisma, and good looks thrust him to the top of Philadelphia’s competitive ratings book,” the anonymous source, known to us as Large Papa G, said in his email.

“It was only a matter of time before this undervalued and highly skilled WIP employee finally got his due,” the source wrote.

Haddad, last month’s leader, was furious at the developments as he spoke to the Coggin on the record.

“Oh that is just HORSESHIT. Didn’t you see the email I se….I mean, the anonymous source sent you two days ago? Well I think he or she sent it to you, that’s just what I heard,” Haddad said. “I’m pretty sure they sent it to the correct email address. Either way, it showed that I absolutely crushed it again this month. Big Daddy is a fine guy, but do you think he’s up to Sludge’s caliber? Of course he isn’t. Please check your email for the REAL ratings book.”

When asked for comment, anonymous source Large Papa G said Haddad’s time had come and gone, and “that Elvis side burn motherfucker couldn’t hold Big Daddy Graham’s microphone. Don’t listen to anything he says, Big Daddy rules this town with an iron fist.”

Mike Missannelli once again came in dead last, behind the Evangelical Radio Power Hour on 1480 AM.

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