BREAKING: Josh Innes stealing as much as he can carry from 94 WIP prize closet


Josh Innes during a happier time in his life.

Philadelphia, PA – Sources confirmed this afternoon that after 94 WIP afternoon drive host Josh Innes was told he would be fired from the station, Innes immediately bolted to the station’s prize closet and locked himself inside.

Innes is currently still in the closet as of 1:59 p.m, sources have confirmed, ransacking and pillaging the prizes given out to listeners of the station.

Despite pleas from station manager Spike Eskin that he wouldn’t be let out of the building, the portly Innes had reportedly stuffed seven XXL sized Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Crew shirts down his pants, four leftover Lesean McCoy jerseys from 2014, and several Phanatic bobble heads.

An employee who wished to remain anonymous said station executives were helpless and could only watch the carnage through the locked door’s window.

“He’s just ripping the heads off of the Phanatic bobbleheads we had from earlier this season and stomping on box after box of 94 WIP pens. He’s like a bull in a china shop in there…and I’m pretty sure he’s been crying.”

Sources confirmed that Innes was indeed crying, despite repeated assurances that he just had something in his eye.

It remains to be seen how Innes plans to make his escape. We’ll have more information as soon as it’s available.


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