Josh Innes gives Hollis Thomas a gift for ‘no particular reason’


Maybe just stick to comedies while waiting for flights, ehh Josh?

Philadelphia, PA – Josh Innes arrived at the TastyKakes Studios Wednesday morning with an apology card and a gift certificate to FUBU for his co-host Hollis Thomas for “no real particular reason.”

“Can’t a guy just buy something nice for one of his best friends in the world? There’s no underlying motive here other than equality…equality and understanding,” Innes said.

Innes found Thomas in the break room and the two shared a frosty few moments together before Innes cleared his throat and presented Thomas with the impromptu gifts.

“Saw this at the store and just thought about you big dog,” Innes said, going in for a hug and being rebuked by Thomas. “You’re right, too soon. Just letting you know that I was thinking about you yesterday.”

When Thomas raised an eyebrow upon seeing the FUBU gift card, Innes immediately began to flop sweat.

“I’m not saying anything by¬†that. I shop there all the time! It’s quality clothes, just thought you’d enjoy it, that’s all,” Innes stammered. “Oh man, is it hot in here? Come on, lets just forget about who called a white Eagles player a ‘house negro’ on air yesterday and just have a great show!”

At press time, Thomas was glaring at Innes after the radio host attempted to make an ill-timed “American History X” joke before their show prep meeting.

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