Punch throwing, fight picking radio host still offended at Chase Utley’s profanity use in 2008

My momma's sauce.

My momma’s sauce.

Philadelphia, PA – A walking, talking Italian stereotype, who moonlights as the host of the popular 97.5 FM mid-day sports talk show, surprised no one yesterday afternoon when he went against public opinion and criticized the recently traded Chase Utley for his use of the F-word during the 2008 World Series Championship celebration.

On a day when the vast majority of Phillies fans were choosing to celebrate their memories of Utley and his stellar on field play, the man who once quarreled with a fan through email and described him as a “latent homosexual” argued with fans that Utley’s F-Bomb drop was absolutely inexcusable.

“I don’t think that a professional athlete, who is a professional, needs to do that when he knows he is speaking to a mixed audience and there are a lot of kids there, it’s just not appropriate,” the stereotype said. “Ehhhh but I guess the Dodgers made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, capiche? If I were there I would have sent him a Sicilian message, made him sleep with the fishes.”

The stereotype, who just a day earlier had gotten into a verbal and a near physical altercation with another grown adult radio host at an open Eagles practice in front of THOUSANDS of children, said Utley should have censored himself.

“There’s just no call for it. He just showed you how he couldn’t be trusted, unlike my momma’s sauce, which never let me down when I was eating a big plate of pasta and gabagool,” the stereotype said.

The hypocritical stereotype, who at the age of 50 once punched a producer during a live remote broadcast of his radio show, once gloated in a tweet moments after Victor Cruz suffered a season ending injury, and once asked if it was wrong to point out the “lbs ’round Michelle Beadle’s middle,” said Utley acted unprofessionally during the public appearance.

“Cuz, do you think Tony Soprano would have done that? I think not. He was a man of honor, like me. Ok, in an hour we’re going to open the vault, but first let me read this advertisement for Cheerleader’s Gentlemen Club.”

As of press time, the stereotype was STILL decrying Utley’s use of profanity, while at the same time calling Josh Innes a pussy for not fighting him at the Eagles open practice.

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