Anonymous source leaks 94 WIP and 97.5 The Fanatic ratings, neither Innes or Missanelli on top

Brian Haddad, new ratings powerhouse in Philadelphia sports talk radio?

Brian Haddad, new ratings powerhouse in Philadelphia sports talk radio?

The Coggin Toboggan received a game changing email this morning, as an anonymous source has leaked last month’s ratings book for the two major sports talk radio stations in Philadelphia and a surprise show is now on top.

The two previous leaders of each station, Josh Innes and Mike Missanelli, were second and third respectively in the 25-54 male demographic, each garnering a 6.3 share.

However, an anonymous source – using the simple pseudonym “B.H.” – emailed us a printed copy of what looked to be the official ratings book this morning. The results show that one host for 94 WIP shot up so far in the ratings that he is now dominating the Philadelphia sports talks scene.

The leaked ratings book shows Brian Haddad, 94 WIP host of Leading Off, the pregame show for the Philadelphia Phillies, cashed in a monstrous 12.9 share in the 25-54 male demographic for this past month.

“You can see the other two hosts really fell off this past month. What we’ve seen from the first two weeks in September so far are also leading station representatives to believe Mr. Haddad will receive an even bigger share this month,” the anonymous source, “B.H.”, shared in his or her email to the Coggin.

“I’d like to stress that I in no way know Mr. Haddad personally, though he seems like a very interesting, talented and gracious gentleman. I must say it really is a testament to his hard work and his ability as a sports talk host to spin straw into gold. Nobody wanted the Leading Off job, but Mr. Haddad really took it and made it his own. Station leadership should really consider offering him a full time show somewhere in the schedule, or at the very least a sweet raise.”

Replying to an email from Toboggan reporters, the source confirmed the ratings book was “100% accurate” and neither “that fat, lunch stealing Josh Innes” or “pompous windbag Mike Missanelli” could touch Haddad in ability or handsomeness at this point in their careers.

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