Josh Innes takes week off to train in secluded cabin in the Poconos

hqdefaultPhiladelphia, PA – Citing a need to become stronger and getting back to his roots, Josh Innes revealed today he spent his previous week off the radio secluded in a desolate cabin deep in the Pocono mountains.

Innes needed to get away after his longtime friend and co-host Tony Bruno was killed in the ring (retired) last week after decades on air.

Rival radio host Mike Missanelli of 97.5 the Fanatic took to the air after Bruno’s death (retirement) and gloated in victory.

“If he dies,he dies…or retires, whichever is good,” Missanelli said during a show last week, before segueing into a segment where he asked his listeners which was more South Philly, cheese steaks or pork roll.

Innes decided he needed to get away “from it all” and hone his craft like the radio hosts of old.

“This is exactly what I need,” Innes said. The log cabin reportedly had no running water or electricity, which was just perfect according to Innes.

Innes spent the week writing new bits by candlelight, chopping down trees while thinking of new insults for callers, and mulling over new fan poll questions while standing waist deep in the freezing cold water of the Lehigh River.

As of press time, Innes had ditched two 97.5 FM employees who were tailing him and climbed to the top of a 20,000 foot high mountain, where he spent his remaining vacation time screaming out the name “Missanelli!!!!” for all to hear below.

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