Phillies minor-league pitcher Aaron Nola receives devastating news

Dead man walking (Photo credit: Emily Paine / The Morning Call)

Dead man walking (Photo credit: Emily Paine / The Morning Call)

Philadelphia, PA – Aaron Nola, the highest rated minor-league pitcher in the Phillies farm system, had the meeting every minor league player dreads this morning.

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs pitcher reportedly came out of a meeting with manager Dave Brundage in tears, punching his fist into a nearby locker before sitting on a stool with his head in his hands for close to 20 minutes straight.

“We told him he’d be called up to the big leagues to make his professional debut with the Phillies this Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Rays. When he heard the news, he started to sob uncontrollably,” Manager Dave Brundage said. “We completely understand. Nobody in the Phillies minor league system wants to hear what that young man just heard.”

The unconsolable Nola packed up his belongings in a cardboard box after dejectedly calling his parents and telling them the news.

Reporters heard a small snippet of Nola’s conversation with his supportive parents.

“Hey mom, is dad there? I have some…bad news. I’ve been called up to the Phillies. I know, it’s ok. Yeah I’m ok, it’s awful, but with some hard work maybe I won’t have to be with the team for too long,” Nola said, showing maturity beyond his years.

Nola mournfully said goodbye to his teammates and packed up his car to drive East to Philadelphia.

As of press time, Nola’s car had reportedly turned onto 476 North and was last seen outside Scranton city limits, speeding north towards Canada with no signs of slowing down.

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