Josh Innes thrilled he no longer has to wear pants to work

Josh Innes reminding himself he no longer has to wear pants into the office. (Photo credit:

Josh Innes reminding himself he no longer has to wear pants into the office. (Photo credit:

Philadelphia, PA – Following the decision yesterday of co-host Tony Bruno stepping down from the 94 WIP afternoon drive show he had worked on for several months, remaining host Josh Innes expressed his regret that the venerable and experienced Bruno had decided to retire from the sports talk radio format.

However, Innes did see one positive in the situation, as he ceremoniously unbuttoned his strained jeans and threw them into the garbage the second he was in the WIP studio.

“No pants. No pants today, and no pants tomorrow,” the portly Innes said, as he leaned back with a satisfied grin on his face, the waistband of his underwear cutting deeply into his fleshy hips.

“You don’t mind, do you Joey?” he asked a horrified Joe Giglio, who was sitting in with him for the absent Bruno.

Innes completed his five hour show yesterday completely free of pants, not even retrieving them from the garbage can upon the close of his show. He reportedly exited the WIP complex in just a pair of frayed, purple Hanes boxer shorts.

While Innes and Bruno seemed to get along on air, Bruno was seemingly perturbed by Innes and his no-pants policy, demanding he cover himself at all times when on the air. It may or may not have factored into his decision to leave the company.

In the statement on his website explaining his decision to leave, Bruno was prominently wearing a pair of slacks in the photo he posted to the article.

As of press time, Innes was mulling over an all-nude format for his show, despite the loud vocal majority of the WIP offices.

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