Sam Bradford loses hand in tragic sparkler accident on 4th of July

Sam BPhiladelphia, PA – A recent trend of professional NFL athletes injuring themselves with fireworks continued in Philadelphia over the Fourth of July.

Breaking news came to light this morning from a Jefferson Hospital employee who accidentally tweeted the hospital chart of Sam Bradford, who has been interred at the local hospital since Saturday.

YouTube videos appeared late last night, showing the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback showing off the cache of fireworks he had bought in preparation of the holiday. Bradford bragged about the “kickass” display he planned in celebration of the nation’s independence day.

Bradford lit one of the sparklers in the video and paraded through the backyard of his estate, mocking the “baby” sparkler. What Bradford did not know, nor could he have ever guess, was the leaking propane tank sitting next to his gas grill.

As he walked by the leaking tank, the stream of gas passed directly through the sparks of the sparkler, creating a pure blade of fire that instantaneously sliced through the quarterback’s left hand.

A shocked Bradford looked at his cauterized stump before the video abruptly turned off.

According to team officials, Bradford suffered the injury to his non-throwing hand and is expected to be available in time for training camp.

As of press time, Jason Pierre Paul published the following tweet criticizing the quarterback for his reckless decision:

“;aljpeiand apiea paew paneapneapalda #eiaanda”

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