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Charlie Manuel shares homespun yarn about time he shredded Bobby Grich’s knee

Yeeeee ha!

Yeeeee ha!

Philadelphia, PA – Charlie Manuel entertained the hosts of the MLB Radio Network yesterday with a heartwarming, country yarn about the time in 1972 he shredded every single ligament in all-star short stop Bobby Grich’s knee breaking up a double play turn in a regular season game against the Cardinals.

The jovial manager defended Chase Utley’s actions from Saturday night, describing his style of play as “hard nosed” and “tougher than a bronco with a burr in its saddle.”

“He’s one of the best I’ve ever coached. He made some of the prettiest plays I’ve ever seen this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains,” Manuel said in a delightful southern drawl that made so many fall in love with him in Philadelphia.


Exclusive: Chase Utley pens own appeal and we have a copy

PHI+chase+utley+042611Chase Utley, who is facing a two-game suspension for his takeout slide of Ruben Tejada during a double play in Saturday night’s NLDS game against the Mets, filed an appeal today of his punishment, which will be heard by Major League Baseball before the beginning of game two for tonight.

However, Utley is taking an active part in his appeal, as the eloquent second baseman wrote his own appeal and emailed it to MLB representatives this afternoon, including Joe Torre, the Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball.

The Coggin Toboggan has procured a copy of Utley’s appeal. Should the second baseman be suspended for tonight’s game for his role in the slide that broke Tejada’s leg, or does his heartfelt appeal letter make you feel better about his role in the incident?

See it for yourself after the jump.


Punch throwing, fight picking radio host still offended at Chase Utley’s profanity use in 2008

My momma's sauce.

My momma’s sauce.

Philadelphia, PA – A walking, talking Italian stereotype, who moonlights as the host of the popular 97.5 FM mid-day sports talk show, surprised no one yesterday afternoon when he went against public opinion and criticized the recently traded Chase Utley for his use of the F-word during the 2008 World Series Championship celebration.

On a day when the vast majority of Phillies fans were choosing to celebrate their memories of Utley and his stellar on field play, the man who once quarreled with a fan through email and described him as a “latent homosexual” argued with fans that Utley’s F-Bomb drop was absolutely inexcusable.

“I don’t think that a professional athlete, who is a professional, needs to do that when he knows he is speaking to a mixed audience and there are a lot of kids there, it’s just not appropriate,” the stereotype said. “Ehhhh but I guess the Dodgers made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, capiche? If I were there I would have sent him a Sicilian message, made him sleep with the fishes.”


Exclusive look at Chase Utley’s ad thanking Philadelphia fans

PHI+chase+utley+042611Chase Utley is staying as classy as ever, as the beloved veteran second baseman has taken out a full page advertisement thanking the fans of Philadelphia for his time as a member of the Phillies.

The ad, which will run in the Inquirer and Daily News, offers a heartfelt message from Utley to the fans who supported him during his 13-year career in the city.

Sources within The Coggin Toboggan have received a copy of the advertisement, which you can see after the jump.

Just a warning. If you haven’t already cried about Utley being traded, this is going to be difficult to read.


Chase Utley will only agree to trade if given opportunity to dirty uniform on daily basis

Chase-Utley-PhilliesPhiladelphia, PA – Details are emerging about a potential trade for long time second baseman and face of the Phillies franchise Chase Utley through the waiver wire over the weekend. Despite the injuries of the aged second baseman, several potential contending playoff teams are vying for his services, including the Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants.

Utley, however, has several demands of his own, as the veteran can deny any potential trade.

“I’ve been in Philadelphia for a long time. I love playing here, so if I’m going to be traded, I need a guarantee from the team I’m traded to that I will be given an opportunity to get my uniform on a daily basis,” Utley said.


Chase Utley gearing up for one last depressing run

Chase-Utley-PhilliesPhiladelphia, PA – Yesterday, early visitors to Citizen’s Bank Park were not alone, as Chase Utley’s bat cracked through the stadium as he took part in an extra batting session several hours before the Phillies afternoon game was scheduled to begin.

It’s a testament to Utley’s spirit, who is working hard to ensure he gets healthy just in time to completely tarnish his legacy in the final stretch of the season.

“That’s the plan. Hopefully I’ll make some minor league rehab appearances next week and be back with the club in two weeks. From then on, I plan to languish away on the bench behind the more effective younger second baseman, making fans depressed at how my career is ending,” Utley said. “It should be great.”


BREAKING NEWS: Chase Utley responds to Ruben Amaro Jr.’s comments

PHI+chase+utley+042611One day after Ruben Amaro Jr. declared Chase Utley was no longer the starting second baseman for the Phillies going forward, our Coggin Toboggan reporters picked up snippets of a private conversation held between the two men. Utley and Amaro discussed the second baseman’s future and exchanged thoughts on where the organization would go with him in the future.