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107-year-old Chicago Cubs fan: “That was it?”

cxll4jrk_400x400Chicago, Illinois – Kevin “Kip” Suggerson, a 107-year-old fan of the Chicago Cubs, finally got to see his beloved Cubbies bring home a World Series Championship after just missing out on their first championship in 1908.

From his nursing home in Winnetka, Suggerson sighed deeply as he watched the Cubs celebrate their victory over the Indians. He took off a Cubs cap he has had in his possession since 1932 and looked at it for several moments.

“That was it? 107 years to see them finally win a championship, and that’s it?” Suggerson said out loud, sending his frail body into a coughing fit for several minutes before he could compose himself.


Jose Mesa to throw ceremonial first pitch into Omar Vizquel’s back before game 7


Jose Mesa will rile up the Indian’s crowd before tonight’s deciding Game 7.

Cleveland, Ohio – The Cleveland Indians are pulling out all the stops tonight for game 7 of the World Series, and that includes the pregame festivities.

An anonymous team representative has confirmed that former Indians closer Jose Mesa will throw the ceremonial first pitch into the back of Omar Vizquel before tonight’s deciding World Series game against the Chicago Cubs.

“Yes, I can confirm that Jose Mesa will be participating in the pregame festivities tonight. Hopefully the Cleveland faithful will give him a warm welcome and he’ll pump up the crowd by plunking Omar Vizquel in the back one more time. Just rear back and wing it right between his shoulder blades,” the representative said.

“We can’t think of a better way to kick off this historic night than seeing Vizquel writhing around the ground after being beaned.”


Chase Utley will only agree to trade if given opportunity to dirty uniform on daily basis

Chase-Utley-PhilliesPhiladelphia, PA – Details are emerging about a potential trade for long time second baseman and face of the Phillies franchise Chase Utley through the waiver wire over the weekend. Despite the injuries of the aged second baseman, several potential contending playoff teams are vying for his services, including the Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants.

Utley, however, has several demands of his own, as the veteran can deny any potential trade.

“I’ve been in Philadelphia for a long time. I love playing here, so if I’m going to be traded, I need a guarantee from the team I’m traded to that I will be given an opportunity to get my uniform on a daily basis,” Utley said.


Tom McCarthy gets in one last advertisement during final out of Hamels no-hit game

Safe and secure, safe and secure!

Safe and secure, safe and secure!

Chicago – As Cole Hamels watched a rocketed fly ball travel out to centerfield, his hopes of a no-hitter hanging in the balance, Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy knew he had a job to do and knew he had to do it well, as this would be a moment for every Phillies fan to remember.

As Odubel Herrera circled back and made a sprawling catch to seal the historic moment for Hamels, TMac, as he is affectionately known by fans, knew the moment was a big one.

“I thought to myself, how can I make this a moment for fans to remember? This is a goal Cole has been trying to reach for his entire career, and I knew I had to make it special,” McCarthy said after the game. “But then I remembered we hadn’t reached our quota of New York Life commercials, so I knew what I had to do.”