Tom McCarthy gets in one last advertisement during final out of Hamels no-hit game

Safe and secure, safe and secure!

Safe and secure, safe and secure!

Chicago – As Cole Hamels watched a rocketed fly ball travel out to centerfield, his hopes of a no-hitter hanging in the balance, Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy knew he had a job to do and knew he had to do it well, as this would be a moment for every Phillies fan to remember.

As Odubel Herrera circled back and made a sprawling catch to seal the historic moment for Hamels, TMac, as he is affectionately known by fans, knew the moment was a big one.

“I thought to myself, how can I make this a moment for fans to remember? This is a goal Cole has been trying to reach for his entire career, and I knew I had to make it special,” McCarthy said after the game. “But then I remembered we hadn’t reached our quota of New York Life commercials, so I knew what I had to do.”

McCarthy cued the media booth to play the organ music and launched into the advertisement.

“Herrera catches the ball and it is safe and secure. Safe and secure, safe and secure…New York Life….for all your investment and retirement needs,” McCarthy said.

“They’re a great investment company, aren’t they Matt? Oh safe and secure, New York Life!” McCarthy said. “That was out number three and it’s game over. Phillies win.”

McCarthy then plugged the newest Tasty Kake muffin flavor and ordered the broadcast off the air as Hamels celebrated one of his greatest career achievements on the field.

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