The people have spoken

Philadelphia, PA – Well, that’s it folks. After a day of polling, the people of Philadelphia have determined that the mere THOUGHT of petting this puppy has trumped the idea of watching the 2015 Phillies.

And really, who can blame the people who voted for the puppy. I mean, just look at this little guy. Who’s a good boy, who’s a good boy? Yes, yes you are a good boy!



Of course it’s easy to think about petting a puppy over the 2015 Phillies. They’re going to win 70 games at most this summer and devoted fans will have the privilege of watching once great players like Chase Utley and Ryan Howard playing at 50% of their normal capacity until they’re inevitably traded midway through the season.

But that little guy? He’ll give you 10 to 12 years of joy until you have to pull a Marley and Me on him, mourn for about two months, and then get another one.

Fuck the Phillies. Puppies all the way.

One comment

  1. The Phillies are indeed not looking so hot. Dom Brown’s problem and the awful pitching which seems to be a problem year after year!


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