Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Philadelphia chapter

What day is it? Why, it’s Friday the 13th day, sir! And as we are want to do at the Coggin, we take a moment to reflect on this glorious day and ask ourselves the age old question: “Which Philadelphia sports figure would survive if he or she found themselves in the Friday the 13th […]

Friday the 13th part 3, THE NEW BLOOD!

We did it earlier this year. We did it two years ago. And god damnit, since this is SUCH a successful franchise and we’re really only in it for the money, we’re going to do it again this year. Today, of course, is Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees is still out there, tightening his hockey […]

Friday the 13th Part 2, in 3D! Who lives, who dies?

Two years ago, The Coggin Toboggan delved into a fabulous question on Friday the 13th…which Philadelphia sports figure would survive if he or she found themselves in the Friday the 13th horror series? Well guess what, it’s Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees is out there, somewhere, in wait with his machete and shining up […]

Maikel Franco won’t come out of apartment after watching Friday the 13th movies all night

Philadelphia, PA – ¬†Maikel Franco of the Philadelphia Phillies has been downgraded to questionable for tonight’s game against the Cincinnati Reds because the young third baseman cannot be coaxed out from his bedroom after staying up all night watching the Friday the 13th series. Franco was missing for his schedule morning batting cage session and […]

It’s Friday the 13th. Who would be doomed? (hint: everyone)

If there’s one thing we love at the Coggin Toboggan almost as much as we love Philadelphia sports, it’s horror movies. Today, of course, is Friday the 13th, the infamous date of one of the longest running horror franchises in movie history. Hell, we’re up to 11 original movies and a reboot, with more in […]

Let’s Play Philadelphia’s Favorite Game, “What Does Max Kellerman Look Like?!?”

Frat boy and hot take artist Max Kellerman slithered his way into town this morning for a special Philadelphia episode of¬† ESPN’s migraine inducing “First Take.” As was his destiny, Kellerman was lustily booed by well-lubricated fans who used his appearance at Chickie & Pete’s as an excuse to get shit-faced drunk instead of going […]