Markelle Fultz

Twitter recap: Markelle Fultz is the best….and the worst

DEBVBk2XgAEgwraTwo games in, just two games in to Markelle Fultz’s professional basketball career (if you can call the NBA Summer League a “Professional League.” Anyone who isn’t a rookie playing in these games will be exiled back to their home countries in shipping containers and never heard from again…or Dante Exum, for some reason) and Twitter already has some STRONG opinions on his play.

Nevermind that he’s played less than a games worth of minutes so far in his career. We’re coming off the Fourth of July, so it’s our AMERICAN RIGHT to declare Fultz a savior of Philadelphia or a complete bust already. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You think they’re doing this up in Canada? I don’t think so….USA USA USA USA USA ::Hacksaw Jim Duggan thumbs up::

But, for fun, let’s analyze some tweets from fans and “professional analysts” who already have some STRONG opinions on Fultz’s game.


Breaking down a minute of the most EXTREME, flop-sweatiest take on The Process ever recorded


EXTREME HAT TILT from Gabe Morency.

Sometimes the Gods smile upon you, my friends. This gem was went to us on Twitter via @rfmchenry1371, a segment from “SPORTS RAGE” starring Gabe Morency. The show, as far as I can tell, stars a stammering bald man, well into an eight-ball of coke (allegedly), YELLING his opinions into a camera in front of an empty faux sportscenter set.

It’s EXTREME. It’s YELLY. It’s SWEATY. Oh my goodness, there is so much sweat. But I guess you do sweat an awful lot when you have such EXTREME, MUSKY takes.

The entire segment is nearly 4-minutes long. Four long, agonizing minutes of a man drowning to death during a taped segment. Rumor has it the CIA originally planned to use this as a tool to extract information from terrorists, but too many of them chewed through their wrist veins and bled out before giving anything up.

I don’t have the strength to break down the entire four-minutes, but it’s well worth it to watch until its conclusion.

Let’s all enjoy this train wreck after the jump:


I hate the 76ers trade for the #1 pick


Like Robert Johnson at the crossroads, this blog has a life changing decision to make. Which direction does our blog take? Do we take the deal with the devil, or do we forge another path?

This brings us to the reported trade 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo pulled off over the weekend. Giving the Boston Celtics the #3 pick this year and either the 2018 Lakers 1st round pick or the 2019 Sacramento 1st round pick for the #1 overall pick this year and the rights to draft Markelle Fultz?

I hate this trade. Absolutely despise it.


Angelo Cataldi shows up to 94 WIP offices in brand new “Trust the Process” t-shirt

060512-Angelo-Cataldi-400Angelo Cataldi surprised co-workers Monday morning when the host of the 94 WIP Morning Show came into work sporting a black t-shirt adorned with Sam Hinkie’s face and the slogan “Trust the Process” printed across its backside.

Cataldi, who once wrote in a column, “Above all, Hinkie was a loser,” feigned surprised when co-workers questioned his choice of apparel.


Colangelo scratches Fultz off of draft list after WIP caller declares him a bust


Does Markelle Fultz lack the necessary “grit” and “toughness” to make it in this city?

A WIP caller known only as “Philly Mike” declared Washington point guard and potential 76ers draft target Markelle Fultz as a “complete bust in the making” this afternoon, which forced GM Bryan Colangelo to fervently rework his draft prospects for the upcoming draft.

Colangelo’s draft board was thrown into complete disarray after the 2-minute call into the 94 WIP Midday show, in which “Philly Mike” denounced Fultz’s ability to be “Philadelphia tough” and lacked the necessary grit to ever be a key contributor for the 76ers.