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Las Vegas odds makers have Patriots as slight 56-point favorite over Eagles

philadelphia_eagles_logo_4008Las Vegas, Nevada – Following a flurry of late money bet on Philadelphia, Las Vegas sport books currently have the injury riddled Patriots as a slight 56-point favorite over the Eagles during this weekends game.

“The Patriots are banged up right now and coming off of their first loss. We certainly took that into account when we set the line for this game. We think it’s a fair line,” said Caesars Bookmaker Todd Fuhrman.


Argument between Darren Sproles, Mark Sanchez gets ugly

hi-res-3c9dc8ab72ff1c764151e2269e9a0ed2_crop_northPhiladelphia, PA -Adding another wrinkle to a horrendous season, Darren Sproles and Mark Sanchez had to be separated by Jason Peters at the end of yesterdays game as the two had a brief, but noticeable, argument on the field.

Snippets of the argument were caught by the high-powered NFL Films microphones on the sideline of the game.

The Coggin has the transcript:


Sanchez inspires teammates with post-game players only talk, loses them all at last minute

hi-res-3c9dc8ab72ff1c764151e2269e9a0ed2_crop_northPhiladelphia, PA РReports coming out of Lincoln Financial Field yesterday are saying Mark Sanchez held an inspiring players-only  meeting after the Eagles 20-19 loss to the Miami Dolphins, rallying his teammates around him and inspiring faith in everyone who heard his speech, only to lose every single one of them before he could close out the meeting.

Reporters could only hear snippets of the discussion behind the closed locker room doors, but Sanchez’s voice could clearly be heard telling his teammates that “they needed to stay together now more than ever,” and “above all else, we are a family. We win, lose and die together as a family, and there’s nobody else in this world I would rather be with right now than you guys.”


Angelo Cataldi sheepishly returns Mark Sanchez jersey to back of closet

060512-Angelo-Cataldi-400Philadelphia, PA – Several attendees of the Cataldi family weekly Eagles party confirmed yesterday that a sheepish Angelo Cataldi attempted to change back into a Sam Bradford jersey he had enthusiastically shed after the first quarter of the Eagles games Sunday afternoon.

Reports claim Cataldi began the game in his Bradford jersey, but threatened to remove the garment after Bradford’s first interception was thrown on the Eagles second possession of the game. After Bradford’s second red zone interception before the end of the first quarter, Cataldi reportedly made a “huge deal” about how he “was finished with Bradford” and stomped upstairs to his bedroom.

When he returned, he was wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey and vociferously began calling for Bradford’s benching.


Tebow couldn’t have been better! vs. Ehh lets not go too crazy here

Tebow couldn’t have been better!


Anthony John Vincenzzo.

Unbelievable. What a way to ingratiate yourself with the hard nosed, blue collared fans of Philadelphia. I cannot remember a better debut in my lifetime, even my buddy Sully said he was impressed and Sully is not easily won over. He’s been drinking the same brand of beer for the past 25 years (Narragansett if you wanted to get him a case for the feast of San Gennaro) so he’s a hard man to convince.

But you can’t argue with the results. One touchdown on a sweet six-yard run and a 50% completion rate is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. Plus, 69 yards (69 bro!) through the air in a half is not too shabby when you’re trying to manage the clock and run out the end of the game.


Matt Barkley vows to defeat Tim Tebow in saddest quarterback competition of all time

This is the face of a determined third string quarterback.

This is the face of a determined third string quarterback.

Philadelphia, PA – Said in front of one half-paying attention member of the media and an intern with the Drexel Triangle, Matt Barkley vowed he would beat out Tim Tebow for the third string quarterback position on the roster in the most depressing offseason story of the year so far.

Fans throughout the Delaware Valley agreed this is “much, much worse” than Lesean McCoy’s accusations of Chip Kelly being a racist.

In a recent straw poll conducted by, 80% of respondents claimed they would rather read old game summaries from the 2004 season over Barkley vs. Tebow, 15% claimed they would rather watch Howard Eskin pick out a new fur coat and 5% claimed they would rather drink a glass of Marcus Hayes’ neck sweat than pay attention to this nonsense.

Defiant in the face of adversity, Barkley said he definitely had far fewer passes chucked at the feet of wide open receivers than Tebow. He also pointed to the fact that head coach Chip Kelly had asked him to get him a cup of coffee over Tebow near the tail end of the morning session.

“Did you see when I threw one of the practice footballs to Mark (Sanchez) from the sideline? That had to be at least 15 yards out and I threw it way, way over his head. It didn’t come close to him. Shows off my arm strength,” Barkley told Jennifer McThompson, sophomore journalism major at Drexel University and sports contributor to the school’s paper The Triangle.

McThompson promised she would try to get her profile of Barkley on the front page of the paper if her interview with “Philly Jesus” fell through.