Argument between Darren Sproles, Mark Sanchez gets ugly

hi-res-3c9dc8ab72ff1c764151e2269e9a0ed2_crop_northPhiladelphia, PA -Adding another wrinkle to a horrendous season, Darren Sproles and Mark Sanchez had to be separated by Jason Peters at the end of yesterdays game as the two had a brief, but noticeable, argument on the field.

Snippets of the argument were caught by the high-powered NFL Films microphones on the sideline of the game.

The Coggin has the transcript:

Darren Sproles: Great pass, almost as an inspiring and thought provoking as that piece of garbage Arthur Schopenhauer you continue to put on a pedestal.

Mark Sanchez: You’re still on me for that? I thought I made it clear you to at halftime that Karl Marx is trite nonsense and his philosophies are overrated. You take any of his theories and try to put them into practice, and they fail. THEY ALL FAIL. And you call him the father of German philosophy? The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles? Fuck off with that you proletariat piece of shit. Get your heard out of your ass, I don’t want to talk to you about this again.

Darren Sproles: And you can’t get enough of that goth motherfucker Schopenhauer. Human desire is futile, illogical, directionless, and, by extension, all human action in the world? You’re an emo girl, you know that right? He would have hated football, you are hypocritical and a slave to your belief system.

(At this point in time Jason Peters appeared to jog over and separate the two)

Jason Peters: Fuck both of you. Shut up, and don’t make me lecture you both about the teachings of Immanuel Kant again.

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