Ric Flair

Isn’t Ric Flair attending Wing Bowl one of the seven signs of the apocalypse?


WOOOOOO! It’s the end of days!

According to the Book of Revelations, there will be seven signs that the world is close to calling it quits and entering the apocalypse.

With the announcement that Ric Flair will be attending Wing Bowl, I think we’re one step closer today.

I’m no theologist, but I’m fairly sure that the Bible says the first sign of the Apocalypse is Ric Flair attending Wing Bowl in Philadelphia.


Everything is better with a good Ric Flair WOOOOOOOOO



Apparently the Flyers PA announcer has been piping in glorious Ric Flair WOOOOOs during stoppages of play for the past two home games. The Flyers are 2-0 in those games. Coincidence? Obviously not.


There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that is not improved with a good Ric Flair woo. Think back to the time you lost your virginity (or just imagine it for those of us that have dedicated our lives to the Lord)…pretty embarrassing right? Probably not all that fun?

Well, just imagine letting out an impressive WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO instead of what you actually did (burst into tears) and it’s 100 times better, no?



Nature Boy Ric Flair was wheeling, dealing, and kiss stealing in Philadelphia last night


Two absolute legends.

Ric Flair has the uncanny ability to bring an entire room of grown men (and a smattering of grown women) to a complete halt and melt into messes, with just one long and loud WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

The Nature Boy blew into the Thuzio Executive Club last night and the styling, profiling, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing son of a gun held an entire room at rapt attention as he shared stories from his glorious career for nearly an hour.

It’s insane to see Flair work a room. The energy changed IMMEDIATELY when he walked into the club and he was swarmed by giddy fans, clamoring for pictures and begging him to cut promos into their iPhones.


All good things must come to an end


Designed by Salvador Dali.

It was one year ago today that I decided to start this blog. 383 posts later and here we are, on the precipice of 2016.

When I started The Coggin Toboggan I wanted to see how dedicated I could be to giving the City of Philadelphia an alternative news source that would be unafraid to tell the real story, and I believe we did that during our time serving the City of Brotherly Love.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick with a project for an entire year, that I could be disciplined enough to do something that people would enjoy, and not get anything in return.

I believe I did that over these last 365 days.

But, as the headline says, all good things in this life must come to an end. It was a great year, we made fun of a ton of people, wrote some good stuff, hopefully entertained you with a hot take or two, and perhaps even made a name for ourselves in a very crowded and busy sports blog market just trying to crush each other for hits and notoriety.

We made it and we made a name for ourselves, generating a nice following of fans who enjoy our ridiculous brand of humor and horrendous takes on the idiocy of sports in Philadelphia.

Hopefully our readers understand what a toll it is to write all of these article. I wrote all 383 over the past year, it was not easy and it was a complete grind.

With a new baby on the way, this just makes my decision much, much easier.

It’s tough to make this announcement, and I do so with a very heavy hart, but after the break I have embedded a perfect promo from the legendary Ric Flair that will explain our situation to our dedicated readers.


The Coggin congratulates Charlie Manuel! See how it all started

Yeeeee ha!

Yeeeee ha!

Charlie Manuel, the Coggin Toboggan salutes you. Not only are you our favorite Phillies manager of all time, you finally got that elusive Wrestlemania moment to truly cap off a fantastic career.

Relive Manuel’s road to Wrestlemania right here, and see how he made it to the greatest victory of his life over his former friend Ric “Nature Boy” Flair the past Sunday.


Charlie Manuel finally captures his Wrestlemania moment

Yeeeee ha!

Yeeeee ha!

Santa Clara, Calif. – Battered and bloodied, Charlie Manuel could only smile to himself as he raised a bottle of Coors Lite to the 90,000 screaming fans celebrating his victory of Ric Flair this past Sunday afternoon at Wrestlemania 31.

The former Philadelphia Phillies manager toasted the fans as he stood triumphantly on the top turnbuckle, Flair still laying motionless on the canvas below him after the 45-minute iron man match finally concluded after Manuel had slapped the Nature Boy’s patented Figure-Four leg lock on him for nearly 5 minutes.

“I told him Ol’ Cholly didn’t take kindly to being double crossed. Maybe Naitch will think twice next time before he decides to interfere in my business again,” Manuel said, blood pouring from a 3-inch gash across his left eyebrow.


Charlie Manuel officially on the Road to Wrestlemania, gets match with Ric Flair

Yeeeee ha!

Yeeeee ha!

Philadelphia, PA – Hoping to avenge his loss at Royal Rumble after longtime friend Ric Flair betrayed him and eliminated him in the titular match, former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was able to coerce a last-second match with the Nature Boy in Sunday’s Wrestlemania 31.

Manuel appeared on two days ago on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, carrying a handcuffed Ashley Flair out to the middle of the ring. Taking up the house mic, Manuel pointed a baseball bat at Flair’s daughter, threatening to “send her brains all through this ring” if he didn’t appear and accept Manuel’s challenge.

“Naw, I don’t want to do it, Naitch, but you’ve left me no choice,” He said, taking up a stance and readying the bat at her head. “You come out here right now and lets talk about what I want…a Hell in the Cell match at Wrestlemania. You brought this on yourself, Ric, now get out here.”

Moments before the bat could come crashing down on Ashley’s skull, Flair’s patented theme music blared throughout the arena, and the Nature Boy strutted out through the curtain and came to the ring.

“Now, now just hold on a minute Charlie. Lets not do something you’ll regret later,” Flair said, as he addressed the longtime Phillies manager. “You know and I know that you don’t have the stones to do that to Ashley. You were at her christening, you’re her godfather, you wouldn’t do that to her. Stop embarrassing yourself out here.”



Manuel, seemingly defeated, slumped his shoulders and looked towards the mat. Perhaps buoyed by the chants of Charlie ringing out through the stands, the manager rose the bat and brought it down directly on Flair’s head, dropping the “dirtiest player in the game” into a heap.

Manuel circled Flair as he recovered and slapped the Nature Boy’s iconic Figure Four leg lock on his onetime best friend.

“Accept the match or I’ll break your damn legs!” He screamed, tightening the hold, finally forcing the Nature Boy to agree to the Hell in the Cell match at WWE’s biggest pay per view of the year.

“That’s what I like to hear, I’ll see you on Sunday you son of a bitch!” Manuel yelled, dropping the microphone, as he walked out of the arena to thunderous applause.

The two will headline the event after the world heavyweight title match this weekend.

BREAKING: Ric Flair betrays Charlie Manuel at Royal Rumble


Charlie Manuel, during happier times.

Philadelphia, PA – Following a stunning, 90-minute run as the iron man of the Royal Rumble, Charlie Manuel was poised for victory at the 28th annual event, but moments before he could dispatch the final competitor and capture the number one contender status for Wrestlemania, Ric Flair’s music blasted through the PA system at the Wells Fargo Center.

Holding Roman Reigns by the head, Manuel watched his longtime friend Ric Flair saunter out to ringside, who then reached out his hand for a seemingly congratulatory handshake. When he grabbed Manuel, he jumped backwards from ringside, dragging the former Phillies manager over the top rope, giving the victory to Reigns.

A visibly shaken Manuel could only watch from outside the ring as Flair celebrated with the new number one contender.

“I’m angrier than a pig in a poke, I’ll tell you something,” Manuel said, a cold Budweiser clutched in his gnarled hand as he recovered in the locker room.

Manuel had a brilliant run, setting the ring on fire as the number 5 entrant, clearing competitors with a black Mizuno baseball bat he carried into the match. Perhaps his greatest moment was the elimination of the Big Show, after he spat a stream of tobacco juice into the giant’s eyes, blinding him, before clotheslining him over the ring.

However, in the end it was all for naught.

When asked for comment on his betrayal, Flair just smiled and donned a pair of Ray Ban glasses.

“Ol’ Charlie knows what he did to deserve this…you don’t mess around with the jet flying, high styling Nature Boy and get away with it. WOOOOOO.”

BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Manuel declares entry into WWE Royal Rumble


Charlie Manuel, all fired up for his return to the squared circle at the 2015 Royal Rumble.

Philadelphia, PA – During a hastily called press release, former Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel declared he would be an official entrant into the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble, scheduled to be held at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday, Jan. 25.

The annual event features 30 WWE wrestlers competing in an “over the top rope” competition to determine the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, currently being held by Brock Lesnar.

Manuel, a lifelong wrestling fan, declared the event as a real “hoot” and vowed to knock some skulls during his time in the squared circle.

“My good friend Ric Flair always told me, ‘To be the man, you have to beat the man,’ and I always took that to heart,” Manuel said while he lacing up his red and blue boots.

The feisty manager hopped into a nearby ring and began squaring off with local wrestler Necro Butcher, a member of the Philadelphia wrestling promotion CZW, which was featured in the popular 2008 movie “The Wrestler.”

“Don’t you go using any of that shit extreme wrestling on me, this is a gentleman’s sport,” Manuel said, seconds before throwing salt into the grizzled wrestlers eyes and dispatching him with a picture-perfect knife-edge chop to the delighted “WOOOOOOOSSSS!” of the reporters on hand.

“Old Bob Backlund taught me this one…watch out now son!” Manuel said, ducking a chair shot from the Butcher and slapping him in Backlund’s patented cross-faced chicken wing submission maneuver.


The Necro Butcher, moments before being taught a thing or two by Good Ol’ Cholly.

Manuel then grabbed a kendo stick – otherwise known as a Singapore Cane popularized by former ECW great The Sandman – from ringside and cracked the bamboo rod over Necro Butcher’s skull, easily putting him down for the three-count pin.

“That’s how you do it, you sum’bitch. Never let your guard down against old Cholly. I’m the dirtiest player in the game,” Manuel said, standing above the unconscious wrestler. He exited the ring, but not before sending a stream of tobacco juice into Necro Butcher’s face.

Manuel then pointed at a Wrestlemania 31, indicating his desire to be in the biggest wrestling event of the year.

This will not be the first appearance of a Philadelphia Phillies representative in the annual wrestling competition. Former Phillies GM Ed Wade was entrant number 15 in the 1998 Royal Rumble, wrestling in his decades old high school singlet. He was dispatched by Cactus Jack 30 seconds into his entry, receiving a steel chair shot to the dome and tumbling out of the ring.