BREAKING: Ric Flair betrays Charlie Manuel at Royal Rumble


Charlie Manuel, during happier times.

Philadelphia, PA – Following a stunning, 90-minute run as the iron man of the Royal Rumble, Charlie Manuel was poised for victory at the 28th annual event, but moments before he could dispatch the final competitor and capture the number one contender status for Wrestlemania, Ric Flair’s music blasted through the PA system at the Wells Fargo Center.

Holding Roman Reigns by the head, Manuel watched his longtime friend Ric Flair saunter out to ringside, who then reached out his hand for a seemingly congratulatory handshake. When he grabbed Manuel, he jumped backwards from ringside, dragging the former Phillies manager over the top rope, giving the victory to Reigns.

A visibly shaken Manuel could only watch from outside the ring as Flair celebrated with the new number one contender.

“I’m angrier than a pig in a poke, I’ll tell you something,” Manuel said, a cold Budweiser clutched in his gnarled hand as he recovered in the locker room.

Manuel had a brilliant run, setting the ring on fire as the number 5 entrant, clearing competitors with a black Mizuno baseball bat he carried into the match. Perhaps his greatest moment was the elimination of the Big Show, after he spat a stream of tobacco juice into the giant’s eyes, blinding him, before clotheslining him over the ring.

However, in the end it was all for naught.

When asked for comment on his betrayal, Flair just smiled and donned a pair of Ray Ban glasses.

“Ol’ Charlie knows what he did to deserve this…you don’t mess around with the jet flying, high styling Nature Boy and get away with it. WOOOOOO.”

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