Mike Missanelli tops podcast charts after having heart attack on debut show

20091224_fm400Itunes has a new podcast king, and his name is Mike Missanelli.

The popular midday 97.5 FM sports talk host has entered the sports podcast game in a big way. Just days after decrying sports blogs, specifically Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad and his Crossing Broadcast, Missanelli fought fire with fire and released his debut podcast, “The Mike Missanelli Show,” which quickly shot up the iTunes charts.

As of this morning, “The Mike Missanelli Show”  was the #1 sports podcast in the entire country and #8 overall with millions of downloads in just a few hours.


Sam Hinkie improvs 15-minutes of material on Philadelphia sports media members

Hinkie glasses

Philadelphia, PA – Perhaps belied by his impromptu, off-the-cuff take down of Howard Eskin during last Thursday’s press conference, Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie performed nearly a 15-minute routine in which he insulted just about every sports media member in attendance.

“Where is Howard Eskin, that in the middle of a werewolf transformation mother fucker,” Hinkie asked, borrowing a line from the late Patrice Oneil. “Is he still in Florida? Tell him Andy Reid is in Kansas City and needs his dick sucked.”

Hinkie left his podium and delivered several biting, blistering lines to the stunned members of the Philadelphia press he had invited to the conference.

“Oh you didn’t like that I traded Michael Carter Williams last week, Angelo? You don’t know what a father should tell his son who has a Michael Carter Williams jersey? I’m not sure about that, but that father should definitely tell his son not to listen to some ancient hack columnist whose legacy will be that of morbid obesity in the form of a wing eating competition,” Hinkie said, his face inches away from Cataldi’s. “I wouldn’t fuck your fat pussy with Rhea Hughes’ cock.”

He moved around the room with the precision of a surgeon, stopping in front of each reporter to levy more insults, each more personal than the last.

“Have you seen these new advertisements the Daily News is putting around the city for Marcus Hayes? Great strategy. His  fat fuck face is so swollen it needs the side of two bus stops to fit on. His picture looks like he smells like a combination of rotten cheese and garlic.”

Hayes reportedly wept softly for the remainder of the media session.

Capping off the massive insult session, Hinkie went into overdrive and described the following members of the media as such:

Dei Lynam: “How does she still have a job in this town? I’d say it was nepotism if she were better looking.”

– Les Bowen: “This old mother fucker can’t go to a funeral without people wondering how the corpse got out of its coffin.”

– John Gonzalez: “Someone check his green card, he’s taking a job away from a more talented American journalist.”

– Jim Adair of Crossingbroad – “Watching this goofy bastard take shots on the Wells Fargo Center court this offseason made me realize there are certain ‘athletes’ out there that you can’t trade for a second round draft pick. Piece of shit looks like someone who has forgotten to take his seizure medication.”

As of press time, Marcus Hayes was seen still sobbing in his car in the parking lot.

The first CT Ask Me Anything


File photo: CT editor and founder.

Yesterday, Crossingbroad founder Kyle Scott conducted an “Ask Me Anything” event and it gave me a fantastic idea, so I decided to poll the CT’s readership for an Ask Me Anything as well. Scott fielded hundreds of questions for two-hours plus, so why couldn’t the second most popular Philadelphia sports blog (ok, maybe third favorite behind Zoo With Roy, definitely ahead of The 700 Level…what happened to that rag?) conduct its own as well? Yes, we’ve only been around for about a month and a half, but how many blogs can say they get literally over ONE HUNDRED VIEWS A DAY. THIS IS A TRAIN YOU JUST CANNOT STOP.

I’d be doing a disservice to this CITY if I didn’t let our most valued readers ask me anything, so here’s a recap of an AMA I conducted for four hours yesterday.

M. Calloway from West Philadelphia: You suck. 

The CT: Ok, thanks. Not really a question, but we value your opinion.

D. Drosie from Northern Liberties: I agree, you do suck. 

The CT: Ok, again, not really a question, this is an AMA, but I’d have to disagree. Sure, we just started, but I think we are far from sucking. Where else can you go to read mediocre satire about Philadelphia sports?

B. Hart from Bensalem: Ok crybaby. Why did David Coggin block you on Twitter?

The CT: Great question. I think it was because I tweeted something to him about him coming back to the Phillies along with Geoff Geary to pitch in the bullpen this year. I suppose he wasn’t amused by that? I’m not sure.

B. Hart from Bensalem: Did you really think anybody cares about that? He was a terrible pitcher on a terrible Phillies team, and this is just a terrible, terrible blog. 

The CT: That took a personal turn. This is getting a bit sad.

J. Fullington from North Philadelphia: Since you have no knowledge of real sports, who would win in a fight between WWF’s Hulk Hogan and the late Yokozuna?

The CT: That’s actually a fabulous question, there are so many ways to take this. Well, obviously Yokozuna had the weight and the strength advantage, but Hulk Hogan had the height and his unique Hulking up ability and the millions of Hulkamaniacs throughout the world to give him strength. You’d have to think Hogan would be able to resist at least the first Banzai Drop, but could he make it through an entire match with the beast from the …

J. Fullington from North Philadelphia: You fucking suck.

The CT: I should have seen that coming.

H. Eskin from Center City: Will you please stop tweeting weird things at me about my beard and my love of Ponzio’s Diner?

The CT: Never.


So that ended the first CT AMA. Four hours and just five questions, all telling me that I suck. Thanks very much for reading. If anyone needs me, I’ll be fitting myself for a noose. If I actually have the balls to go through with it this time, Howard Eskin and his dumb werewolf beard will be taking over the blog for me.