Mike Missanelli tops podcast charts after having heart attack on debut show

20091224_fm400Itunes has a new podcast king, and his name is Mike Missanelli.

The popular midday 97.5 FM sports talk host has entered the sports podcast game in a big way. Just days after decrying sports blogs, specifically Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad and his Crossing Broadcast, Missanelli fought fire with fire and released his debut podcast, “The Mike Missanelli Show,” which quickly shot up the iTunes charts.

As of this morning, “The Mike Missanelli Show”  was the #1 sports podcast in the entire country and #8 overall with millions of downloads in just a few hours.

The veteran sports talk host opened his Podcast with the the opening chords of “Woke up this Morning,” by Alabama 3, better known as the introductory song to “The Sopranos.” Missanelli welcomed his audience to his first ever show and cleanly segued into a discussion of which Godfather character best represents each coach in Philadelphia.

The content was electric, but after masterfully comparing Fredo Corleone to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, the real magic was captured on the podcast microphones.

“It’s hot in here….turn the heat down, would you?” Missanelli said at the recordings two-minute mark, audibly smacking his lips. “My arm hurts…mouth tastes a bit like copper…Doug Pederson…fraud….chest so tight….you broke my heart, Fredo…urghhahgh.”

Immediately afterwards, the audience was treated to the sound of Missanelli slumping over his microphone and a producer off microphone frantically calling emergency services.

For the remainder of the 2-hour podcast, listeners were treated to Mikey Miss’s inaudible gurglings and a few brief moments of paramedics strapping him to a baseboard and hauling him out of his recording studio.

The podcast currently has a perfect 5-star ranking and the positive reviews have been rolling in since it hit the airwaves for download.

  • “Best I’ve heard Mike in years! Keep it up, Mikey Miss!” – PhillyPhan69
  • “Mike had me in stitches when the paramedics had to use a defibrillator on him not once, but twice! Great show!” – EaglesRule420
  • “He knows Philly better than anyone, best he’s ever been. Can’t wait for the second show!” – LilMcNabby

From his recovery room in Jefferson Hospital, Missanelli assured fans he would be ready for another heart attack in several months for show #2.

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