Colangelo scratches Fultz off of draft list after WIP caller declares him a bust


Does Markelle Fultz lack the necessary “grit” and “toughness” to make it in this city?

A WIP caller known only as “Philly Mike” declared Washington point guard and potential 76ers draft target Markelle Fultz as a “complete bust in the making” this afternoon, which forced GM Bryan Colangelo to fervently rework his draft prospects for the upcoming draft.

Colangelo’s draft board was thrown into complete disarray after the 2-minute call into the 94 WIP Midday show, in which “Philly Mike” denounced Fultz’s ability to be “Philadelphia tough” and lacked the necessary grit to ever be a key contributor for the 76ers.

“Nah, no way, don’t want him and don’t need him. He doesn’t fit this roster and he’s got the big B written all over him,” Philly Mike said in his daily call to the midday show.

“And he comes from the University of Washington? Tell me, what good has ever come out of Washington DC? Nothing. Not until President Trump makes this country great again,” he declared in a moment of rare confusion, believing the University of Washington to be in the District of Columbia.

Mr. Philly Mike, who watched a grand total of 23 seconds of Fultz’s game film from this past season, said his poor ball handling skills and “streaky shooting” would only increase the odds of him being another 76ers draft bust.

“Give me that LaVar Ball (sic) kid, he’s got gamer written all over him,” Philly Mike said. “And, I’ve got a name for your list of top Philly tough guys if you’ll hold on a minute.”

After hearing the insider assessment of Monk’s game, a forlorn Colangelo crossed him off his draft list and began to once again re-work his potential draft targets for the 76ers.

“We’re no longer interested in Markell Fultz after receiving a detailed assessment of his game. We’ll be taking a harder look at LaVar Ball (sic) as we approach the draft.”

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