Bryan Colangelo able to get out of serving in NBA draft lottery after his father pulls a few strings

20160505_colangelo_article2Despite being eligible for attendance, Bryan Colangelo is shirking his GM duties after father Jerry Colangelo greased a few palms in the league front office to keep his son out of the NBA Draft Lottery.

Instead of being in attendance at the draft Tuesday night, Colangelo will serve in the NBA ticket sales office for two weekends a month for the next year.

The decision to keep Colangelo out of the NBA draft lottery did not sit well with his fellow GMs who did not have a powerful father to keep them out of their expected service.

“A rich white guy isn’t eligible for the draft? Color me shocked. Too bad my daddy can’t keep me out of the draft. Do you think I want to go to Madison Square Garden and put my neck on the line? I don’t, but it’s my duty as a GM to do so, something Bryan knows nothing about, I guess,” said Masai Ujiri, GM of the Toronto Raptors.

Jerry Colangelo did not deny getting his son out of lottery service, but instead said that some children weren’t meant to serve when others of “lesser stock” could take their place.

“Let’s be honest, Bryan wouldn’t last two seconds out there. Better to have him pushing papers in an office and staying out of the way.”



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