Mike Missanelli sets all-time podcast download record with release of second show

mike_missanelliThe Podcast King of Philadelphia cannot be stopped.

Mike Missanelli, sports talk radio host turned podcaster extraordinaire, shattered the iTunes download record today with his release of the second episode of “The Mike Missanelli Show,” just one day after climbing to the top of the United States charts.

The release of the second episode was a surprise to fans, as it was just a day after Missanelli suffered a debilitating heart attack at the start of his debut episode.

Always the showman, Missanelli didn’t disappoint, as he opened the episode from the Intensive Care Unit of Jefferson Hospital, carefully slurring out an introduction to the show.

“Mike Mishanelli here with the Mike Mishanelli show,” the embattled host said from a wheelchair perched precariously near an open door leading down a long, steep flight of stairs.

“Today on the podcastht we’re going to dischuss why I believe Paulie Walnuts would have made the perfect free shafety for the Eagles. Nurshe..nurshe can someone pleashe put the brake on my wheelchair,” Missanelli can be heard saying at the 45-second mark of the podcast, the wheels of his wheelchair creaking in the background as it slowly drifts away from the microphone.

“Nurshe….nurshe…..anyone hello no no no no no no no no,” his voice can be heard groaning before the wheelchair crashes down the flight of the stairs, slamming violently into the landing below.

The next 59 minutes of the recording featured Missanelli’s weak cries for help and the shocked reaction of ICU personnel after discovering the podcast host crumpled under his wheelchair.

The Podcast has earned over 15 million downloads as of 10 a.m. this morning and rave reviews from fans worldwide:

  • “Now this is a version of Mike Missanelli I can get into! Great show! Good luck with the rehab, Mike!” – FlyersRulePenguinsDrool69696969
  • “Get back on the air soon, Mike! The Podcast is awesome! Loved the part where a nurse called for a code blue, that was classic!” – AndyReidzFat
  • “Hi my name is Mike Missanelli, and welcome to Jackass! Love the direction of the Podcast, hope the brain swelling goes down!” – Lindsay_Loves_Sixers_420

At press time, Missanelli was resting comfortably in an iron lung and promised the third episode would be ready for the air after he received several pins in his shattered femur.

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