David Coggin

Our long national nightmare is over

The power of social media is a vast and mysterious one.

After years of going unacknowledged, the Coggin Toboggan namesake, David Coggin, one of the greatest Phillies relief pitchers of all time, followed us today on Twitter.


We lived up to our end of the bargain and donated to David’s charity of choice. We’ve already raised $200 for the Daniel Robertson Family Foundation. If you’ve ever enjoyed this blog over the years I strong advise you make a donation. It’s a great cause.

Now all that’s left for us to do is dust off the old toboggan, polish the girl up, and sled off into the great beyond.


The Coggin Toboggan extends an olive branch to David Coggin in the name of charity

David Coggin. The man. The myth. The legend. The impetus of the greatest Phillies fan group that never got off the ground and the fuel that keeps the best Philadelphia sports blog running hot for the past four years.

But Coggin doesn’t see his namesake. No sir. Coggin blocked us on Twitter YEARS ago, even before I started this stupid blog, after one or two rashly fired off tweets in the name of “comedy” that I thought he would enjoy.

We were young, David, don’t hold us accountable for the sins of our past.

But that all changes now. David, we’re launching a charitable campaign OF YOUR CHOOSING if you unblock us from Twitter and acknowledge our existence. We just want to be loved. Is that too much to ask?


The first CT Ask Me Anything


File photo: CT editor and founder.

Yesterday, Crossingbroad founder Kyle Scott conducted an “Ask Me Anything” event and it gave me a fantastic idea, so I decided to poll the CT’s readership for an Ask Me Anything as well. Scott fielded hundreds of questions for two-hours plus, so why couldn’t the second most popular Philadelphia sports blog (ok, maybe third favorite behind Zoo With Roy, definitely ahead of The 700 Level…what happened to that rag?) conduct its own as well? Yes, we’ve only been around for about a month and a half, but how many blogs can say they get literally over ONE HUNDRED VIEWS A DAY. THIS IS A TRAIN YOU JUST CANNOT STOP.

I’d be doing a disservice to this CITY if I didn’t let our most valued readers ask me anything, so here’s a recap of an AMA I conducted for four hours yesterday.

M. Calloway from West Philadelphia: You suck. 

The CT: Ok, thanks. Not really a question, but we value your opinion.

D. Drosie from Northern Liberties: I agree, you do suck. 

The CT: Ok, again, not really a question, this is an AMA, but I’d have to disagree. Sure, we just started, but I think we are far from sucking. Where else can you go to read mediocre satire about Philadelphia sports?

B. Hart from Bensalem: Ok crybaby. Why did David Coggin block you on Twitter?

The CT: Great question. I think it was because I tweeted something to him about him coming back to the Phillies along with Geoff Geary to pitch in the bullpen this year. I suppose he wasn’t amused by that? I’m not sure.

B. Hart from Bensalem: Did you really think anybody cares about that? He was a terrible pitcher on a terrible Phillies team, and this is just a terrible, terrible blog. 

The CT: That took a personal turn. This is getting a bit sad.

J. Fullington from North Philadelphia: Since you have no knowledge of real sports, who would win in a fight between WWF’s Hulk Hogan and the late Yokozuna?

The CT: That’s actually a fabulous question, there are so many ways to take this. Well, obviously Yokozuna had the weight and the strength advantage, but Hulk Hogan had the height and his unique Hulking up ability and the millions of Hulkamaniacs throughout the world to give him strength. You’d have to think Hogan would be able to resist at least the first Banzai Drop, but could he make it through an entire match with the beast from the …

J. Fullington from North Philadelphia: You fucking suck.

The CT: I should have seen that coming.

H. Eskin from Center City: Will you please stop tweeting weird things at me about my beard and my love of Ponzio’s Diner?

The CT: Never.


So that ended the first CT AMA. Four hours and just five questions, all telling me that I suck. Thanks very much for reading. If anyone needs me, I’ll be fitting myself for a noose. If I actually have the balls to go through with it this time, Howard Eskin and his dumb werewolf beard will be taking over the blog for me.

Editor’s note: A disaster of Ruben Amaro Jr. proportions

When The Coggin Toboggan wants to get serious it turns its coverage over to its editor and founder to bring everything to a screeching halt. Goodbye funny, say hello to self pity and depression.

Just several days into the greatest sports blog this city has ever seen we’ve ran into our first moral dilemma. i’ve been vomiting for hours and I can not stop crying. Not since “Sophie’s Choice” has anyone ever been at such a crossroads in their life. I’ve been punching holes in just about all of my house’s walls for hours now, but I’m still at a loss for what to do.

Please, before I reveal this horrid development, forcefully remove any child reading this from his/her computer and lock them in the basement with an orange for the next 45 minutes, this is adult business and I don’t want them to see their guardian weeping openly at their computer.

David Coggin, the man (the myth, the legend) this blog was founded on, has blocked me on Twitter.

Let me repeat that….DAVID COGGIN…the greatest pitcher the Phillies have seen in the last century….blocked the founder of this blog on Twitter.

The evidence:IMG_0131

It’s too painful. Was it the toboggan references? Depicting you as a gun toting alcoholic, carrying a grudge against Philadelphia? Were you working on a blog of your own and didn’t want to compete with a superior, already established site? DAVID YOU OWE ME THIS MUCH…JUST LET ME KNOW.

We shall plug on. We didn’t found ourselves on the man himself, but for what he stood for…moderately amusing observations and a gigantic waste of time.

One man, a toboggan, and a harbinger of doom

cropped-coggin0001_20110907379.jpgWelcome to the newest blog on the Philadelphia sports scene, The Coggin Toboggan. Here at the CT, we vow to uphold the traditions upon which this site was founded.

Almost 15 years ago a right-handed pitcher found his way to the Philadelphia Phillies main roster, called up in June of 2000, making his major league debut on June 23. He’d start in five games that year for a team that would finish 65-97, but he showed something to the roster, going UNDEFEATED with a sterling 2-0 record and a 5.33 ERA.

Sure, David Coggin didn’t have the brilliance of an all-star pitcher or the handsome good looks of a young Otis Nixon. Sure, he would only appear in 55 more big league games over the course of two more lackluster seasons before retiring from the game he loved so dear…but ask anyone on those squads for a word or two on Coggin, and the majority will say, “Who?” And yes, the only remaining story worth telling about David Coggin was when a teammate tricked him into thinking the home games were played in Camden, New Jersey, and he cried for two hours straight until Terry Francona told him to shut the fuck up.

But do you know what David had over those three stellar years nobody else had? Something that nobody on those rosters could take away from him? A funny last name that could be rhymed with toboggan.

Fifteen years ago, while just a teen, my group of friends and I decided to attend a Phillies game with a toboggan and the greatest fan group of all was born. Coggin’s Tobaggon.

Oh what glorious plans did we have to honor our hero. After each and every strikeout registered from our hero, a ceremonious ride down one of the stairways at Veteran’s Stadium was to be performed by one of the members of the group…safety and brain cells be damned.

We never did make it to a game. The logistics of carrying a toboggan into the Vet and the threat of plummeting from the outfield stands onto the turf to our death proved too much. As quickly as it had been born, Coggin’s Tobaggon suffered a bittersweet death.

But the name hasn’t left my head in all these years. It has been resurrected in the form of a blog dedicated on bringing Philadelphia the finest in whiskey drenched sports musings.

So lets have some laughs, watch as our beloved Philadelphia teams struggle to succeed, and always remember what David Coggin said to a group of Philadelphia reporters the day he was released.

“I’ll be back in 15 years and you’re ALL GOING TO DIE” (reportedly said while firing a shotgun into a crowd and holding a bottle of Jack Daniels) *


*Most likely did not happen