The Coggin Toboggan extends an olive branch to David Coggin in the name of charity

David Coggin. The man. The myth. The legend. The impetus of the greatest Phillies fan group that never got off the ground and the fuel that keeps the best Philadelphia sports blog running hot for the past four years.

But Coggin doesn’t see his namesake. No sir. Coggin blocked us on Twitter YEARS ago, even before I started this stupid blog, after one or two rashly fired off tweets in the name of “comedy” that I thought he would enjoy.

We were young, David, don’t hold us accountable for the sins of our past.

But that all changes now. David, we’re launching a charitable campaign OF YOUR CHOOSING if you unblock us from Twitter and acknowledge our existence. We just want to be loved. Is that too much to ask?

So many ask us, “why don’t you follow David Coggin on Twitter? Why doesn’t he follow you? Who is David Coggin again? Was he a district assemblyman in Philadelphia?” And I have to sigh deeply and explain that the greatest relief pitcher of the early 2000s in franchise history wants nothing to do with us.

To mend fences, to show that we have GROWN UP and are worthy allies of the Coggin cause, I am proposing a massive charitable campaign to the charity of David’s choosing if he unblocks us on Twitter and acknowledges our existence.

I will pledge $50 to the charity of David’s choosing and bend the knee if David simply clicks that “unblock” button and gives us a little wink and nod that we crave so much.

But it doesn’t end there. Our lovely readers, our DEDICATED readers, are already pledging to donate money to David’s charity if he decides to be the bigger man and give us his blessing.

That is $200 right there to the charity of David’s choosing. RIGHTEOUS BUCKS.

But it doesn’t stop there. For the love of God we need you to tweet David Coggin and URGE HIM to be the bigger man. Send him your tweets to @PFABaseball, let him know we’re fans, let him know that we wouldn’t say no to an invite out to his pitching facility to work on our fastball.

Just look at the groundswell this movement is already creating:

The people have spoken, David.

Now please enjoy this 12 minute video of David Coggin highlights as we wait for his response on social media.

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