Chase Daniel

Chase Daniel: I regret my comments and I’ll be happy to be a backup


A less confident Chase Daniel addressed the media this afternoon.

Philadelphia, PA – Mere hours after holding a press conference where Chase Daniel declared the “Chase Daniel era had officially begun” in Philadelphia, the backup quarterback held another press conference to clarify his comments and confirm he would be happy as a backup on the roster.

Daniel seemingly had to backtrack once several sources reported Wentz would start when medically cleared.


Chase Daniel: Strap in because the Chase Daniel era has begun, mother fuckers

screen_shot_2016-03-15_at_8-12-50_am-0-0Philadelphia, PA – Just moments after a deal sent Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings for a first round pick in 2017 and a fourth round pick in 2018, an overly confident Chase Daniel proclaimed that the “mother fucking era of Chase Daniel has begun.”

Daniel, who called a press conference on his own 10 minutes after the Bradford trade was announced, donned a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses before confidently addressing the media in attendance.


New Fletcher Cox contract demands leaked to public


Should the Eagles give in to his new contract demands?

The star Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox has made a point of not attending voluntary OTA workouts this off-season as continues to lobby the organization for a new, more lucrative contract.

The extraordinarily talented defensive lineman is still playing under his initial contract and certainly believes he has played himself into a newer, more expensive deal.

Cox has remained fairly silent throughout his holdout, but has published a number of Tweets that may allude to his disappointment with the team.


Carson Wentz learning offense quickly, reminds Doug Pederson he hasn’t assigned any homework yet


Brown noser.

Philadelphia, PA – As the Eagles continue their OTA workouts after the holiday weekend, several analysts are lauding rookie quarterback Carson Wentz for his ability to pick up head coach Doug Pederson’s offense quicker than either quarterbacks Sam Bradford or Chase Daniel.

However, Wentz will not be winning any popularity contests with his teammates anytime soon, as the young quarterback is reportedly ruffling the feathers of a number of veterans on the team.


Yes, there’s a lot going on in the city right now, but can we get an update on Chase Daniel’s dog?!

I know it’s a busy week in Philadelphia right now. The Flyers are getting ready for game 1 against the Capitals on Thursday, the city is still mourning the passing of beloved Flyers owner Ed Snider, and the Phillies are doing whatever it is they’re doing in game 7 of a remaining 5,983 in the season, but I think we’re all forgetting about the most important story in Philadelphia right now.