Chase Daniel: I regret my comments and I’ll be happy to be a backup


A less confident Chase Daniel addressed the media this afternoon.

Philadelphia, PA – Mere hours after holding a press conference where Chase Daniel declared the “Chase Daniel era had officially begun” in Philadelphia, the backup quarterback held another press conference to clarify his comments and confirm he would be happy as a backup on the roster.

Daniel seemingly had to backtrack once several sources reported Wentz would start when medically cleared.

“I regret that I said I would have all of the women in Philadelphia creaming in their Jordache jeans this season. I respect women and I respect the Philadelphia Eagles decision to start Carson. Great young kid.”

“I also would like to apologize for my unfortunate remarks about Sam Bradford and his wife. That was uncalled for.

Daniel said if women wanted to cream their Jordache jeans this season, he would gladly help them do so as a second string quarterback.

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