Yes, there’s a lot going on in the city right now, but can we get an update on Chase Daniel’s dog?!

I know it’s a busy week in Philadelphia right now. The Flyers are getting ready for game 1 against the Capitals on Thursday, the city is still mourning the passing of beloved Flyers owner Ed Snider, and the Phillies are doing whatever it is they’re doing in game 7 of a remaining 5,983 in the season, but I think we’re all forgetting about the most important story in Philadelphia right now.


Chase, you owe it to us. Did your dog make it to the city? WE DEMAND TO KNOW.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

A quick check on Chase’s wife Hillary’s twitter account shows the dog, which is apparently named Bear, has made it to Philadelphia as evidenced by this tweet:

But who knows, Bear could have been wearing an Eagles jersey in another locale. I’d feel much better about the situation if Bear were holding today’s newspaper and sitting comfortably outside one of the area’s many WaWA convenience stores.

Let’s be honest. Chase, this is going to be the most attention we probably ever give you. Embrace it.

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