When ball is life: Joel Embiid diligently working on his game in the Bahamas

The elite work on their game whenever and wherever they can….even when they’re on vacation in the Bahamas and the only people available to strap up against are six old, goofy white guys.

BEHOLD. Joel Embiid is out here trusting the process and absolutely dominating the courts against international competition.

The bad boy club indeed. He’s basically playing against the Canadian international roster, minus Steve Nash of course.

Let’s take a minute to analyze Embiid’s game during this intense offseason workout:



Don’t be like Anthony Gargano, Flyers fans. You’re better than that

(photo credit: @Eagles_Phantom on twitter)

If you’ve ever needed more evidence as to why Philadelphia sports talk radio is likely the worst medium ever to grace civilized society,  this “opinion” vomited forth from walking stereotype Anthony “Cuz” Gargano certainly cemented it as so.

(I’d like to thank the Fanatic twitter team for posting these moments from each show so I can stay abreast of everything going on with sports talk radio without having to waste a moment of my precious time actually listening to any of the shows)

What is this? What a whiny, cry-babyish opinion to have on a historic, and incredibly fun, run by an expansion team. Only in Philadelphia sports journalism would someone declare it “nonsense” that a team win a championship because they’re not as “real” as Philadelphia.

Haven’t we gotten past this point as a collective fanbase? We won the Super Bowl, we should be better than this.

Forget for just a moment that if this were a PHILADELPHIA expansion team making this historic run, Cuz Gargano would be busting out of his husky JNCO jeans and ordering XL jerseys to commemorate the season.


Las Vegas Knights four wins away from ironically destroying Las Vegas

Has any city ever rooted harder against its own NHL team to LOSE in a Stanley Cup final than Las Vegas is right now with the Las Vegas Knights?

The plucky expansion team, filled with rejects and has beens who pulled themselves up from their skate straps to appear in the Stanley Cup finals during its inaugural season, is set to TOPPLE everything Las Vegas was built on if it captures the cup in the coming weeks.

Why? Because sport books had  the Knights at 500/1 prior to the start of the season to win the NHL championship.

Well, okay, fine….those are insane odds, but who would have actually bet on them prior to the start of the year? Did Pierre-Édouard Bellemare really instill that much confidence in bettors? That roster sucked, and it sucked hard at first glance.

Well, one betting expert told Forbes it could be the biggest futures sports betting loss in the history of Las Vegas:


Ladies and gentlemen of New Jersey, start your sports gambling!

Oh hell yes. I knew there was a reason I decided to live in this stink state for all these years. On the same morning I had to waste an hour of my life at a municipal court for a clerical error that said I had an outstanding parking ticket dating back to 2013, those delightful bastards in the SCOTUS ruled in favor of New Jersey and declared the prohibition of sports betting in states is unconstitutional.


And it does not look like you’ll have to wait a long time to dig deep into your gambling addictions, New Jersey residents. Monmouth Park racetrack already spent $1 million in building a sportsbook and the Borgata started construction on their own $7 million sportsbook this past November in preparation of a positive ruling.

Fuck and yes. Finally, I don’t have to fly out to Las Vegas in March to lose hundreds of dollars betting on March Madness when I can do so in the comfort of my own state and the luxurious confines of Atlantic City.

Just call me Atlantic City Al, because I’ll be throwing down $10 parlays left and right. Really racking in the big bucks.


Refs miss three key calls against Celtics in last minute of game 5? COLOR ME SHOCKED

Dario Saric? FOULED. Joel Embiid? FOULED. Marcus Smart? TRAVELED. Refs’ whistles? SILENT.

Reminiscent of Roger Murtaugh being beaten with a rubber hose and having salt rubbed into his oozing wounds at the end of Lethal Weapon, the NBA released its final 2-minute report for game 5 and rubbed salt into the eyes of 76ers fans everywhere when the league admitted its refs missed three key calls in the last minute of the series.

NBC Sports Boston has the rundown of officiating ineptitude:

With the score tied at 109 and 41.8 seconds to play, the two-minute report indicated that Marcus Smart “initiates contact with (Dario) Saric and impedes him in the post” which according to the report, was an INC (incorrect non-call).

With Boston ahead 111-109 with 14.6 seconds to play, the report indicates that Aron Baynes “makes contact to Philadelphia’s (Joel) Embiid’s arm that affects his shot attempt near the rim.” The report deemed that an INC (incorrect non-call).

The article did not include the third missed call in the report, which was the missed travel by Marcus Smart after he intercepted Ben Simmons’ final heave down the court with 2.4 seconds.

UPDATE: Eagle-eyed reader @TheAmishTerp tweeted this to us of Al Horford potentially double dribbling after he picked up the Saric turnover. Is this a double dribble? Did he have possession? I don’t know…you be the judge.

Sour grapes? OH MY YES. Frustrating non-calls? Well…yeah. The only call 76ers fans should seriously be annoyed with is Baynes MAULING Embiid in the final 76ers possession, but is that ever called in the last 10 seconds of a game? Not really. And is there any assurance that Embiid would have actually made the two free-throws to tie the game? Nope. Or that Boston wouldn’t have made a shot on their next possession to rip the 76ers still beating hearts out of their chest?  Nope.

It probably wouldn’t have made too much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. You at least have a few bullets in the chamber now that you can wildly shoot at Boston sports fans as they crawl out of their dumpsters to celebrate the victory.

Like this loser.

Sweet hair plugs.

Oh well. I guess it’s on to ::shudder:: the Phillies season.

Speaking of the Phillies……

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The mere fact that Michael Wilbon is rallying against the 76ers gives me hope for the series

Michael Wilbon (who is still a thing at ESPN apparently) took a few minutes out of his busy schedule of telling people he knows Michael Jordan to express his UTMOST DISPLEASURE at T.J. “Billy Hoyle” McConnell’s OUTRAGEOUSLY DISRESPECTFUL game 4 moment when he dared to stare at his hand after torching Terry “I look like I should be fat” Rozier.

Philly.com has the transcript of the moment from yesterday’s PTI:

“I believe the Sixers are going to become hateable for the rest of the nation very soon,” Wilbon told co-host Tony Kornheiser. “Some little dude named T.J. is looking at his hand like he’s Shaq. Here’s what’s going to happen to T.J. in the next game: Terry Rozier is going to run over him like a truck, and he’s not going to do anything.”

Just bad point after bad point streaming out of Wilbon’s gaping maw. One, everyone already hates the 76ers. Two, Shaq is so cross-eyed there’s no way he could have ever stared at his hand that closely. Three, Terry Rozier is going to be far too busy jumping up at Joel Embiid like Little Mac with a star punch to do anything about McConnell’s antics.


T.J. McConnell is Billy Hoyle

Before the Celtics could count their money and head over to the Sizzler for some surf and turf, the slow, white, geeky chump T.J. McConnell hustled the shit out of the Celtics and sent them packing back up to Boston for a series that suddenly feels just a TAD bit different than it did Saturday night.

T.J. McConnell is the biggest hustler since Billy Hoyle terrorized the Venice Beach courts in White Men Can’t Jump.

Someone check the off-shore betting sites or the sports books in Vegas. Were any massive bets made on the 76ers to win the series after they fell down 3-0 after Saturday night? If there were you can bet they were made by McConnell.

He suckered them in like Billy Hoyle hustling Sidney Deane.

Billy Hoyle: “See, the thing is you guys look at me me, you see the backwards hat, the gray socks, the funky outfit and you say, now, this guy’s a chump, am I right? A fucking geek, exactly. But what you don’t realize is it ain’t easy…it is hard goddamn work making something this pretty look like a chump, or a geek, so I must be doing it for a reason….”

Does he need money to pay off a gambling debt from his college days? Does he have a gorgeous Latino girlfriend with the world’s most annoying voice? That remains to be seen…but you know he can definitely hear Jimi.