Jason Kelce

Sleepy old has-been furious at Jason Kelce’s award winning* championship speech

*2018 Super Bowl Winning Speech of the Year, as voted on by The Coggin Toboggan

Oh Mike Francesa, did somebody not get their nappy earlier this week? The sleepy, longtime radio personality (who is doing radio now more than ever after his retirement) decided his virgin ears were BESMIRCHED by Jason Kelce’s epic Super Bowl speech on the step’s of the Art Museum during last Thursday’s Super Bowl parade and called on Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to cut the Pro-Bowl center for his lewdness.

Francesa dropped his own, far-less entertaining rant on the WOR Sports Zone, and was most likely heard by dozens upon dozens of fans listening on their HAM radios.

NBC Sports Philadelphia transcribed Francesa’s “old-man yells at cloud” moment for all of us to enjoy and mock forever:


Sam Bradford downgraded to ‘doubtful’ for wedding


Oh good lord, what have I done?

Aspen, Colo. – Having gone through an entire last week of wedding preparations under the “probable” tag, Eagles quarterback and about to be newlywed Sam Bradford has been downgraded to “doubtful” this morning, according to his best man.

Sam, who last said he was very confident about his upcoming performance at today’s wedding to fiance Emma Lavy, reportedly had a debilitating panic attack this morning in front of his groomsmen and best man.


Has Jason Kelce been working at a local public relations firm under the alias “Tits Smithington?”


Is this the infamous Tits Smithington?

A reader forwarded us an email today that provided crucial details to an urban legend that has bounced around Philadelphia for the past year. The email lends credence to the legend of “Tits Smithington,” a go-getter of an employee at a local Philadelphia public relations firm that may have actually been Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

The email described how a burly, good-natured employee had been hired at the firm in the fourth quarter of the 2015 fiscal year. The author said the employee was known around the office as “Tits Smithington” and frequently wore football cleats to work.

The dedicated reader who alerted us to Tits Smithington said several employees at the firm first suspected the employee was not who he said he was and was actively hiding his real identity:

Well, the first red-flag was that he never gave the human resources office his Social Security Number and refused to take any pay for the job, saying he was doing most of it pro-bono as a way to unwind from his stressful weekends. When asked what he did on the weekends that was so stressful, Tits would just wink at us and say he spent about eight weeks a year in South Philadelphia, eight weeks a year out of Philadelphia, and if things went right another few weeks after that participating in his other occupation.

Plus, it was obviously Jason Kelce. Tits Smithington is a blatantly false name and he answered to the name ‘Jason’ about 99% of the time without realizing it. He even wore his jersey to the office a few times and we heard him talking to “Coach Kelly” on his cell phone in the break room just about every day.

Nobody seemed to mind though. He landed the Jenkins account and always treated the office to happy hours on Friday. Fun guy. Hope he comes back soon.

So was Tits Smithington actually Jason Kelce? Signs point to yes, some signs point to no. I guess we will never know for sure.

Editor’s Note: Call me Mr. Positivity

Yay sports!

Yay sports!

A reader of the site told me today he’s noticed the Coggin Toboggan is nothing more than a hotbed of negativity, snark and depressing article after depressing article making fun of the Philadelphia sports scene.

Personally, I just don’t see it. Does he have a point? I don’t think so, but in order to be fair and to serve all of our readership, I figured I would dedicate an entire article to all the positive aspects of Philadelphia sports we as fans should not take for granted.

Sure, all of our teams right now are middling at best and this summer will be a wasteland of hard to watch baseball, manned by one of the most incompetent GMs in all of sports, but there ARE things we can enjoy in our sports scene. Why don’t we take a look, shall we?


Gov. Chris Christie lasts several hours in Polar Plunge


Chris Christie, moments before plunging into the Atlantic Ocean and heading South for the winter.

Sea Isle, NJ – As thousands flocked to Sea Isle this past Saturday for the annual Polar Plunge to test their wills against frigid temperatures, they were delighted to see a number of local celebrities taking part in the celebration.

Eagles center Jason Kelce frolicked in the surf with the brave citizens who took brief, but impressive, dips in the 35 degree water. However, it wasn’t Kelce who won the day, but current Governor Chris Christie, who was seen swimming in the water for upwards of three hours after the event concluded.

“He’s a beast. I mean that figuratively and quite literally, actually,” Kelce said, as he stood on the shoreline and watched the governor impressively breach from the water and then dive back down several times. “He’s been out there for hours. See all those seagulls flying above him? They’ve been following him ever since he’s been out there.”

Several boats carrying hundreds of passengers sailed up to where the governor was swimming and stayed a respective distance away, letting the passengers snap photographs and ooh and ahh whenever Christie broke the surface of the water.

Nobody participating in the plunge could recall seeing the governor on the beach prior to the start of the event.

“Around this time of year, Governor Christie will take to the sea and swim down coast in search of fertile hunting grounds,” a media relations employee told reporters crowded on the beach.

“We’ll let him stay in for a few hours, eat his weight in krill, and then drive him back up the coast to Trenton on an 18-wheeler flatbed when he gets tired. We’ll make sure to keep him nice and wet during the trip back up to the capital office,” he said.