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Curt Schilling blames “BallGate” for not being elected to MLB Hall of Fame

curt-schilling-transgender-espnBoston, Mass. – Human meme and Alt-Right fan Curt Schilling took to his social media accounts yesterday after news broke that the prolific pitcher had not been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Schilling, whose career is certainly worthy of HOF election but may have ruffled too many feathers with his outspoken personality, pointed to a conspiracy theory unearthed from Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails as the driving force behind his denial into the Hall.

Schilling fired off several tweets referencing “BallGate,” which he claimed was a malicious and widespread plan to ban him from baseball by Hillary Clinton for his criticism of the former Democratic presidential candidate.

The evidence, he said, could be found everywhere in the Clinton emails WikiLeaks made public this prior year.


Exclusive: Chase Utley pens own appeal and we have a copy

PHI+chase+utley+042611Chase Utley, who is facing a two-game suspension for his takeout slide of Ruben Tejada during a double play in Saturday night’s NLDS game against the Mets, filed an appeal today of his punishment, which will be heard by Major League Baseball before the beginning of game two for tonight.

However, Utley is taking an active part in his appeal, as the eloquent second baseman wrote his own appeal and emailed it to MLB representatives this afternoon, including Joe Torre, the Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball.

The Coggin Toboggan has procured a copy of Utley’s appeal. Should the second baseman be suspended for tonight’s game for his role in the slide that broke Tejada’s leg, or does his heartfelt appeal letter make you feel better about his role in the incident?

See it for yourself after the jump.


MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred declares winner of All-Star Game to be “World Series Champions”

Sorry baseball, that's it for the year. (Photo credit:

Sorry baseball, that’s it for the year. (Photo credit:

Cincinnati, Ohio – Mere moments after the American League defeated the National League in last night’s All-Star Game, new MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred continued to shake up the game when he declared the members of the American League squad as “World Series Champions.” (more…)

BREAKING: Pete Rose made several bets while with the Phillies

Philadelphia, PAPete-Rose – The bad news keeps rolling in for baseball’s estranged son, as new evidence in the incriminating pages of the notebook confiscated by Major League Baseball in 1989 has shown Pete Rose most certainly placed several bets during his playing days with the Phillies.

Famous for being an intricate part of the 1980 World Series championship squad, Rose placed several bets during his time with the Phillies.


The CT Poll: What is more exciting, the thought of petting this puppy or the 2015 Phillies?

Once again, we here at the Coggin Toboggan are searching long and hard, questioning the electorate, and picking the brains of our readership as we bring another hard hitting question to the masses.

With the 2015 Major League Baseball season soon to be upon us, we ask you, our dear readers, which is the most exciting prospect: The 2015 Philadelphia Phillies season or the mere thought of petting this adorable little puppy? It’s an extremely scientific poll that will absolutely dictate CT coverage over the summer, so please take this very, very seriously.


How can you resist that punim?!










Awwww look at that face? Who’s a good little boy? Yes, yes you are!

We’ll check back in later to see the results. Do the right thing Philadelphia, I know I would.