The CT Poll: What is more exciting, the thought of petting this puppy or the 2015 Phillies?

Once again, we here at the Coggin Toboggan are searching long and hard, questioning the electorate, and picking the brains of our readership as we bring another hard hitting question to the masses.

With the 2015 Major League Baseball season soon to be upon us, we ask you, our dear readers, which is the most exciting prospect: The 2015 Philadelphia Phillies season or the mere thought of petting this adorable little puppy? It’s an extremely scientific poll that will absolutely dictate CT coverage over the summer, so please take this very, very seriously.


How can you resist that punim?!










Awwww look at that face? Who’s a good little boy? Yes, yes you are!

We’ll check back in later to see the results. Do the right thing Philadelphia, I know I would.

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