Baseball Hall of Fame

Curt Schilling blames “BallGate” for not being elected to MLB Hall of Fame

curt-schilling-transgender-espnBoston, Mass. – Human meme and Alt-Right fan Curt Schilling took to his social media accounts yesterday after news broke that the prolific pitcher had not been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Schilling, whose career is certainly worthy of HOF election but may have ruffled too many feathers with his outspoken personality, pointed to a conspiracy theory unearthed from Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails as the driving force behind his denial into the Hall.

Schilling fired off several tweets referencing “BallGate,” which he claimed was a malicious and widespread plan to ban him from baseball by Hillary Clinton for his criticism of the former Democratic presidential candidate.

The evidence, he said, could be found everywhere in the Clinton emails WikiLeaks made public this prior year.