Curt Schilling blames “BallGate” for not being elected to MLB Hall of Fame

curt-schilling-transgender-espnBoston, Mass. – Human meme and Alt-Right fan Curt Schilling took to his social media accounts yesterday after news broke that the prolific pitcher had not been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Schilling, whose career is certainly worthy of HOF election but may have ruffled too many feathers with his outspoken personality, pointed to a conspiracy theory unearthed from Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails as the driving force behind his denial into the Hall.

Schilling fired off several tweets referencing “BallGate,” which he claimed was a malicious and widespread plan to ban him from baseball by Hillary Clinton for his criticism of the former Democratic presidential candidate.

The evidence, he said, could be found everywhere in the Clinton emails WikiLeaks made public this prior year.

The emails were coded, but used several key phrases that pointed to its validity, Schilling said.

For instance, Schilling claimed the word “President” in her emails was code  for “Curt Schilling needs to be destroyed” and “Election” was code for “I love Curt Schilling and wish I had the convictions and the will to be as true of an American as he is.”

“Bill,” Schilling said, was code for “Curt was great at baseball, but I don’t agree with his views on politics so he needs to be kept out of baseball for the rest of his life, and Curt is super strong, super smart, totally hot and I wish I could have married him instead of my cuck husband but I can’t let anyone know my true feelings for that alpha-stud.”

Schilling took to Twitter to share his theory for several hours:

“Have you seen the emailz? BallGate is true and Hillary is a crook and a LIAR. SAD!” Schilling posted from his Twitter account.

“Hillary ClintCROOK is going to great lengths to keep me out of the Hall!”

“See these code words she uses in her messages? PRESIDENT…ELECTION…BILL…what else could that mean, OTHER THAN A SYSTEMATIC PLAN TO KEEP ME OUT OF HALL?1”

“I should sue HillCROOK fro her lies about me and BallGate, but I don’t have the $$$ because o my video game failure, ANOTHER DEMOCRATIC PLAN TO RUIN ME.”


The tweets went on for close to five hours, with Schilling only taking short breaks to block “libtards” who disagreed with his theory and to have a conversation with an obviously fake twitter account for Sidney Ponson.

When asked for comment, a Baseball Hall of Fame representative said Schilling was not elected because he failed to reach the 75% approval rate and because he was a “huge piece of shit.”

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