BREAKING: Pete Rose made several bets while with the Phillies

Philadelphia, PAPete-Rose – The bad news keeps rolling in for baseball’s estranged son, as new evidence in the incriminating pages of the notebook confiscated by Major League Baseball in 1989 has shown Pete Rose most certainly placed several bets during his playing days with the Phillies.

Famous for being an intricate part of the 1980 World Series championship squad, Rose placed several bets during his time with the Phillies.

“It’s damning evidence. He placed several bets with Philadelphia. I just don’t see his reinstatement happening,”said John Dowd, who headed baseball’s investigation into Rose. “Just look at this one. Sept. 1, 1980. He bet manager Dallas Green $5,000 he could eat an entire tube of pine tar without committing. It’s just despicable what he did to this hallowed game.”

“He lost, by the way.”

The bets made by Rose as a player with the Phillies were as follows:

• On June 15, 1980, Rose bet fellow teammate Mike Schmidt $10,000 he could successfully portray himself as the Philadelphia Phanatic during a scheduled day off. He lost after passing out due to heat stroke in the 3rd inning.

• On August 3, 1981, Rose bet Steve Carlton $12,000 he could successfully navigate a hot air balloon around the world in 80 days. His shoddy aircraft crashed into several high power lines two miles outside of Conshohocken.

• On July 4, 1979, his first year with the Phillies, Rose bet a number of teammates $2,000 each he could hold an M-80 firework in both hands between games of a double header and come out unscathed. Spooked at the last minute, Rose lobbed both high powered fireworks into the Veteran’s Stadium crowd, causing mass hysteria and a number of significant injuries.

• On May 10, 1983, Rose bet Tug McGraw $8,000 he could successfully bet on several baseball games and not get caught. Rose did not pay up on the bet prior to McGraw passing away in 2004.

“These bets will forever tarnish baseball and Rose’s time in Philadelphia,” Dowd said.

“How he thought he could eat an entire tube of pine tar I will never know.”

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