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BREAKING NEWS: John Chaney chokes out Jahlil Okafor at Philadelphia airport

i_chaney_iJahlil Okafor was out before he even touched the ground.

76ers center Okafor is reportedly recovering at Jefferson  University Hospital after a reported attack by legendary Temple Owls coach John Chaney after the team charter touched down this morning at Philadelphia international airport.

Eyewitnesses reported Chaney jumped Okafor as the dour center walked through the terminal with several members of the 76ers coaching staff.

Chaney allegedly slipped an arm around the neck of Okafor and hooked his other arm around the young man’s biceps, slowly choking him out as the elderly coach dragged him to the terminal floor.


Neither Clinton or Trump address the foreign threats to America’s wrestling championships


Why don’t either of these candidates touch on the real threats to America?

Usually don’t like to get political on this site, but after the debates last night it was quite clear that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton nor Republican nominee Donald Trump were both ducking the most pressing issue facing this country.

Moderator Lester Holt proved to be in way over his head when he didn’t even ask the broach the subject, despite it having lasting effects on every American in this country, young and old.

What is being done to protect America’s wrestling championships against the foreign menace?