Neither Clinton or Trump address the foreign threats to America’s wrestling championships


Why don’t either of these candidates touch on the real threats to America?

Usually don’t like to get political on this site, but after the debates last night it was quite clear that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton nor Republican nominee Donald Trump were both ducking the most pressing issue facing this country.

Moderator Lester Holt proved to be in way over his head when he didn’t even ask the broach the subject, despite it having lasting effects on every American in this country, young and old.

What is being done to protect America’s wrestling championships against the foreign menace?

Never has America faced such a threat since the early 90s, when Japanese superpower Yokozuna and his manager Mr. Fuji terrorized WWF rings across the country, dominating the circuit and holding the WWF Championship for nearly two years.


The dastardly Yokozuna.

The government could only sit back, their hands tied as the Quebecers (Canadians!) ran roughshod through the tag-team division, and Ludvig Borga (Iceland) dominated in singles competition.

The less said about The Headshrinkers (parts unknown) the better. Those godless heathens were a disgrace to the good old US of A.


The Headshrinkers, from parts unknown.

I shudder to think what would have become of this country if not for the work Lex “The All American” Luger and the Steiner Brothers put in the squared-circle to keep this country safe from cartoonish foreign threats to our most sacred of wrestling belts.

They kept the World Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championship safe from the foreign menace.

Now? Well the threats are not as cut and dry, but just ask yourself….who holds the WWE Universal Championship? Kevin Owens, a canadian. Who holds the WWE United States Championship? Roman Reigns, who claims to have been born in Florida, but holds up his American Samoa heritage over the Stars and Bars. WHY ISN’T TRUMP DEMANDING TO SEE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE, I ASK OF YOU?


Where would this country be without the hard work of Lex Luger?

And who holds the NXT Championship? None other than Shinsuke Nakamura, of Kyoto, Japan. Did the greatest generation fight and defend this country from Japan in WWII, just to see a professional wrestler from the Land of the Rising Sun hold one of our most decorated championships decades later? I think not.

So ask yourself, who will you vote for on Tuesday, Nov. 8? Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to think this is much of a threat. Sure, she tried to float a bill in the House of Representatives to deport the Iron Sheik back in the late 90s, but it was voted down and she didn’t pursue it further. Donald Trump? His casinos have hosted WWF events throughout the decades and he’s cut checks to the foreign wrestlers that still terrorize our rings.


Backlund in 2016.

The choice is clear, ladies and gentlemen. When you go into that booth on election day, pull the lever for Mr. Bob Backlund. Born and bred in the USA, Backlund has held the WWF championship on TWO separate occasions, winning his second belt from Canadian menace Bret Hart in 1994 with his patented Crossface Chicken Wing maneuver.

Backlund even ran a well-oiled campaign for the presidency in the mid-90s, before dropping out to continue his passion for wrestling.

Do the right thing, America. If you don’t want your children saluting the Canadian or Russian flag in 20 years, please cast your vote for Mr. Bob Backlund.

May God bless us all and God bless the United States of America.

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