Nick Foles after watching Sam Bradford, Carson Wentz: ‘I could do that’

pi-nfl-chiefs-nick-foles-082116-vadapt-664-high-54Kansas City – Second string Kansas City Chief quarterback Nick Foles, watching highlights of former Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford and current Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, shook his head and muttered dejectedly to himself after another week of not getting off the sidelines.

After seeing the highlight of Wentz side-stepping a rusher, running along the line of scrimmage, and finding Darren Sproles for a 73-yard touchdown to seal a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Foles couldn’t help but find fault in the play.

“Sure, it was a touchdown, but he missed a wide open receiver in the flat. Put himself at danger by scrambling, not a smart football play,” Foles said, despite nobody seeing the ‘open receiver in the flat’ that he noticed on the highlight.

He openly scoffed after watching the highlight a second time.

“Throw was a little behind Sproles too. See how he had to slow up to catch it? Now, I’m in that situation, that ball is zipped in there on a straight line. Sprolesy is off to the races, nobody catches him.”

And Bradford? Foles noted that “anyone” could be 2-0 playing on a team with such a good defense.

“Give me a break. Can’t believe I got traded for that absolute loser,” Foles said.

He shook his head after hearing yet another piece about Wentz on Sportscenter, before Coach Andy Reid scolded him for mixing his dark slacks with his whites and asked that he pay more attention to doing his laundry than watching TV.


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